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20-21 Transportation Request Form_IA
Each year Intrepid College Prep works to ensure all families have adequate transportation to and from school. In order to address the needs of each family, we ask that they indicate/request the form of transportation they prefer for the coming school year. Please note: this is a request form. Transportation on a school bus is not guaranteed, but each family will be supported in having a transportation plan for their scholar.

Some important transportation guidelines:

1. School bus transportation is a privilege-- not a right. Scholars must follow all school rules on the bus or may be at risk of losing their seat.

2. Bus stops are designed to accommodate the greatest number of scholars. Bus stops are routed to no further (as much as possible) than one mile from your home provided you live in the Antioch area.

3. Any scholar that lives within one mile of the school will need to walk or be a car rider.

4. Due to space concerns, scholars are not allowed to ride the bus with their friends. Scholars are only able to ride their assigned bus.

5. Day of transportation changes must be submitted one hour before the end of the school day.
For example:my scholar will be a car rider, not a bus rider today.

6. Lastly, please allow at least 48 hours for long term transportations changes to take place.
For example: my scholar needs to change to bus 6.
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Transportation Request Address: Please include the address from where you would like transportation to be charted from. Please include home number, street, apartment (if applicable), city, state and zip code.
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Anything else we should know? For example: my scholar will be a car rider every Friday afternoon.
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