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Children's Book Grab-Bag request form
Fill out this form to request a bundle of books, audiobooks and DVDs that your child will enjoy! You must have a PINES library card to request items. After filling out this form, please give us 1-3 business days to select your materials. A Twin Lakes library staff member will then contact you during our operating hours (Monday through Friday 9am- 5pm. Tuesday & Thursday drive-thru evening hours, 5pm-7pm. Saturday, 10am-3pm) to let you know when they are ready for curbside pick-up at the Mary Vinson Memorial Library. Call us at 478-452-0677 for more information. Stay safe, and happy reading!
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Topics/Themes (The materials we get for you may include a mixture of fiction and nonfiction--if you prefer to receive only fiction or only nonfiction, please make a note in the comment section below.) *
Are there are specific books, authors, and/or characters that your child likes the best?
Can you give an example of one of your child's favorite books and/or movies? This will help us find something similar!
Are there any specific themes, books, authors, or characters that your child DOES NOT like?
If you are reading a series, what is the last book in the series that you read? (We don't want to give you a book out of order or one you've already read!)
Would you like a surprise from the children's department (craft bag, at-home activity, stickers, bookmarks, etc).
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Number of surprise bags needed (one per child, please!) If you are a teacher and would like something for the students in your classroom, contact to discuss options!
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