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Web design is as much a science as it is an art form.
So how do you develop these fundamentals? They won’t just appear overnight. Sure, there is no substitute for experience, but a strong education — whether formal or not — also helps tremendously.
Here are the absolute fundamentals that all good web designers should possess if they want to reach sublime levels.
They don’t all involve technical, computer know-how.
1) I AM FAMILIAR WITH THE ENTIRE DESIGN PROCESS. Web design can also overlap with graphic design, that’s why it’s a smart idea for any web designer with pride in his work to also learn at least the very basics of the design process in general. So, I am familiar the following principles:
2) I KNOW HTML LIKE THE BACK OF MY HAND. Knowing HTML comes down to coding. Some designers seem to think that it’s okay not to know how to code while others are adamant that knowing how to code is a necessity of being a legitimate web designer. At a bare minimum, a well-rounded designer should know the basics of HTML. At the very least! So... where are you?
3) I HAVE AN IDEA OF HOW TO MAKE EASY MONEY that will support me while working in parallel for my real goal. I am putting together specific packages and plans that are priced on what I deliver instead of work hours.
3) I UNDERSTAND THE FINER POINTS OF CREATING MY OWN DESIGNS. My plan is to create original content that my clients are going to be incapables of resisting.
I UNDERSTAND THAT I MUST BE COMMITTED TO PERMANENT LEARNING The phrase “There’s always better” is what you should live by as a web designer. You can always learn new things that will impress your clients, expand your creativity and skills and generally improve your passion for design.One big reason to always be open to learning more is the fact that new trends are always emerging in web design. Just think of the stuff that’s been talked about in the last few years: parallax scrolling, then flat design and now, Material Design. In design, learning is ongoing. You never stop learning, so you can always be on top of the latest trends, which just makes you nicely well-rounded as a designer.
I AM A GOOD LISTENER You’ll never be a successful designer — in the business sense — if you either fail to listen to your clients, or refuse to listen to them. Your clients will always be asking or telling you to tweak and change designs, sometimes midway through. Instead of getting frustrated and coming across as unprofessional — which will hurt your business — learn to listen to what they want, consider it and then offer your own input and suggestions. If what the client wants is very doable, then all the better. Simply implement it and show how attentive you are to your client’s needs.
In any trade, reaching the heights of your profession is what you should be aiming for. It will not come overnight or even in a year or two, but you’ll eventually get there with constant determination and self-improvement.
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