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Southern Local Parent Survey
Please take a moment to complete our parent survey. We are looking at our current practices in an attempt to improve academics, parent involvement, student wellness and nutrition, and student sports and activities. If you have any questions regarding our survey, please contact the Southern Local Administration Building at 330-679-2343. Thank you for participating- Your input is very appreciated!
For your children who attend Southern Local, you are: *
Student Enrollment Status: *
If you live in the district but enroll your child/children in another district other than Southern Local, please check options below regarding why you enroll your child/children elsewhere.
If you live in the district and enroll your child/children in another district, would you be willing to talk with a district representative to provide additional feedback? If so, please leave your name, child/children's name(s) and the best way to contact you below.
My child/children attend: *
The school is very good at notifying parents through the following ways:
My preferred method of communication is
If I have a question or concern about my child/children, the school personnel gets back to me in a timely manner.
I am invited to my child/children's school building to participate in their educational process.
I can be involved in school improvement planning and decision-making at my child's school.
I attend Parent-Teacher Conferences for my child/children.
Parental Involvement suggestions:
I receive regular updates regarding my child/children's progress academically in school.
The school provides information on what my child is learning, should be learning, and home activities to practice.
I believe my child/children are challenged by the school's academic curriculum.
I believe my child/children's teachers hold high expectations for their learning.
My child receives additional help during their educational process when needed.
Academic suggestions:
I feel that school is a safe and friendly environment for students, parents, and families.
The school has created an environment where students and families feel supported when moving from one grade to the next or one building to the next.
The school places value and importance in student safety
The school provides information to families related to community services that are available to address family needs (mental health, health, family job, and services, etc)
I feel that my child/children are supported mentally and emotionally at school (teachers, counselors, mental health programming).
Transportation Participation
Transportation is easy and convenient for parents
If I have a transportation issue or concern, the school personnel respond in a timely manner.
Transportation suggestions:
My child/children participate in the school breakfast/lunch program
My child/children participate in school breakfast because:
My child/children participate in school lunch because:
School Breakfast/Lunch suggestions:
My child/children participate in sports, clubs, afterschool activities
Would you participate in afterschool programming if it were offered?
Please select the type of afterschool programming you would be interested in.
What age would you use afterschool programming for?
How many children in your household would participate in afterschool programming?
Are you currently using afterschool care?
What types of afterschool care are you using?
Would you be willing to answer additional questions to help the district improve for our students?
If you answered yes above, please leave your email or phone below.
Please provide us with any additional feedback related to the district improvement efforts.
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