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Chicago Workshop Sign-Up
If you are interested in joining the currently scheduled Chicago Workshop, please fill out this form. To participate, you must at a minimum be able to listen to #chicago-workshop at the scheduled time. No work considered NSFW is allowed at this time.
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Commenting Doc *
Please provide a google document set up to allow commenting by anyone provided with the link and that it is formatted according to the usual guidelines for using our workshops. Enter that link here.
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Reading Doc *
Make a copy of your properly formatted document and set the sharing to view-only. This link will be used by the reader, so they can read without having lines move because someone else adds comments as it goes.
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Speaking? *
Do you expect to be able to speak yourself in #chicago-workshop? If you have not used voice chat before, ask someone to help you test your sound in #general prior to the workshop. Push to talk is required.
Willing to read?
Are you willing to read someone else's submission to the workshop? We prefer to have multiple readers available. This is not mandatory at this time, so if you think you will be uncomfortable doing so, please say no.
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