2014 Welcome Leader Application

Thank you for your interest in the Welcome Leader (WL) position within the office of New Student and Family Programs (NSFP)!


    Qualifications • Must possess strong communication skills, a desire to be part of a team, and pride in Clemson University • Must have completed at least one full academic semester at Clemson University • A minimum GPR of 2.5 is required (prior semester and cumulative) • Must attend Clemson in Fall 2014 • Be currently free of any academic or disciplinary probation as set by the Student Code of Conduct and the Academic Integrity policy (verified through the Office of Community and Ethical Standards) Benefits • Positively impact the transition of new students to campus • Create lasting relationships with fellow Welcome Leaders • Develop leadership and communication skills • Excellent experience for your résumé • Opportunity to share your love and excitement for Clemson with the newest generation of Tigers • Great way to give back to Clemson University Responsibilities • Facilitate a small group (15-20) of new Clemson students during 2014 Clemson Connect. • Serve as a resource for your group throughout Clemson Connect and into the fall semester • Help facilitate and participate in Clemson Connect activities and evening events. • Be knowledgeable of the Clemson Connect schedule and student requirements for CU-1000 • Attend the Welcome Leader Leadership Development Series meetings throughout the spring in addition to summer training.

    Welcome Leader Expectations

    1. Attend and help out at Clemson Connect events. We expect you to not only escort your group to the Clemson Connect events, but remain with your group during the time the event is taking place. Remember, your group will look to you as an example to set the tone for these events. Additionally, during Homeroom, Welcome Leaders are responsible for facilitating ice breakers and getting-to-know you activities in order to help new students create lasting bonds with members of their group. Finally, we expect Welcome Leaders to be knowledgeable of the Clemson Connect schedule and student requirements for CU-1000 and to help deliver this information to their group. 2. Help facilitate and participate in Clemson Connect evening events Welcome Leaders are expected to attend evening events that occur during Clemson Connect. Welcome leaders will help plan and implement an event on Tuesday night for new students to attend as a way to round out the Clemson Connect experience before the start of classes. 3. Be positive and appropriate As a Welcome Leader, you were selected for your involvement, enthusiasm, and pride for Clemson University; though, we understand that you may not love everything about Clemson. Reframe negative questions with a positive spin. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will set the tone for your group. 4. Talk about your experiences As a Welcome Leader, part of your job is to encourage students to get involved and take advantage of the many great opportunities Clemson University has to offer. We encourage you to talk about your experiences at Clemson; however, we ask that you please do not wear group-associated paraphernalia. We want students to remain open to the many opportunities Clemson has to offer. Talk to your students about their interests and help direct them to involvement opportunities that might be a good fit for them.