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Cutz&Curlz by Jazz Booking Form
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to proceed with your appointment, kindly fill out this form with your details.

please take note that all the information is under Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act is a law that seeks to protect all forms of information, be it private, personal, or sensitive. It is meant to cover both natural and juridical persons involved in the processing of personal information.

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NOTE: PLEASE BOOK 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE. and make sure to be on your preferred date. if "No Show" on your appointment, you will be subject to cancellation and 50% of the down payment will automatically deducted.
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please take note that after 15 minutes of your preferred time will be subject to cancellation. 50% of the down payment will automatically deducted. we suggest you come early. thank you.
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PLEASE NOTE THAT WE REQUIRE P500 OF DOWNPAYMENT TO ENSURE YOUR SLOT ON YOUR APPOINTMENT.. Send your screenshot or photo of downpayment to or FB/IG of Cutz&CurlzByJazz. if you cancelled appointment, we will deduct 50% from your downpayment and give you the refund. Due to COVID-19, we have limited clients and we value our time. Thank you.
PRE-ASSESMENT: Hair History and Condition
Before we proceed with remote consultation, please provide us a few information about your hair history and current condition. Estimated prices may vary depending on the length, thickness and porosity of your hair. PLEASE TAKE NOTE that the procedure for Hair Color and Bleaching will might losen the curls due to chemical content but we will suggested products to maintain and restore the curls in time. The procedure also will depend on the current state of your hair i.e. dry, oily, frizzy, thin/fine, thick/coarse, permed and more. The information you will provide will help us provide you the most appropriate recommendations and cost estimate.
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Please check all that applies. answer on the "other" box for the recent treatment you had.
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Please include the brand name. For example, CONDITIONER - Aloe Vera Zenutriets; STYLER- Hair Gel Bench
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Do you have any pre-existing hair or skin condition? *
I acknowledge that all information's above are true. I am also aware that products have some chemical content that may cause or harm my current hair status. any result of damage is not liable of Cutz&Curlz by Jazz. *
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