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TV4NeWood - Architecture | Planning/Engineering | Design
The new generation of high value-added wood species: thermally vacuum treatment TV4NeWood
With the strategic focus on the particularly high environmental requirements in Europe, Thermovacuum4NeWood creates a new generation of beautiful and extremely durable European woods while helping to avoid excessive use of tropical forests. The innovative treatment process significantly increases the value of local European wood species and equips them at relatively low costs with properties that otherwise only be achieved by exotic species. The thermally treated wood is absolutely free from chemical substances, 100% natural, free from odors, has an excellent dimensional stability and ensures a longer life for many wood products on interior and exterior use.

The innovative treatment process Thermovacuum4NeWood was developed by the Italian company WDE - MASPELL in partnership with other Italian and French companies and is supported by the National Research Institute CNR Ivalsa and the consortium Conlegno. This project was funded as part of ECO-Innovation by the European Commission and this questionnaire will support the research and dissemination of project results.

The completed questionnaires will help us to understand better market demands; in return we will gladly give you valuable offers and information about new trends in wood-design, architecture and furniture. We guarantee to treat your data confidentially and in addition you get at the end of the survey, a summary of the results.

Take a 3-minute time for this European ECO-innovation project and complete this questionnaire - Thank you very much for your cooperation!

The partners of the European project
TV4NeWood - Architecture | Planning/Engineering | DesignDomanda senza titolo
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Thermally treated wood shows a number of high quality features, is 100% ecologically and offers some price benefits in additional!
Do you work in your area already with wood?
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If the answer was "never": Why is no wood used in your projects?
What species of wood you have used so far?
Thermally processed, local wood species have comparable quality characteristics to tropical timber and are able to replace them!
What quality characteristics are "more" or "less" important in your business area?
less important
Colors from light to dark, 100 % consistent
High durability class for exterior use
The TV4NeWood process adds a higher value primarily to local wood (e.g. in Germany "beech", in France "Oak" or in Italy "Poplar")
100 % free from chemical substances
Free from odors (VOC free)
High resistance to fungal and insects infestation
Price benefits compared to other wood species
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Thermally treated wood TV4NeWood is absolutely in harmony with nature and the environment!
What arguments are for your work "more" or "less" important?
less important
Use of local wood instead of tropical wood species
Reduced CO2 emissions by the use of local wood
Price benefits compared to tropical wood species
Lower "environmental costs" by reducing transport routes
Are "green arguments" in your company and in the company's advertising important?
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How important is for your company certification / standardization of thermally treated wood products?
less important
Certification for structural - use
Certification to environmental aspects (CO2, origin, water consumption, a.s.o.)
Certification for beeing VOC free
Certification for high resistance to fungal and insects infestation
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Which of the following products are known/unknown or what products you have already used?
Already used
Thermo Wood
Pressure Impregnated Wood
WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)
Accoya ®
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