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Double Saxophone Concerto - Consortium Project
Contact composer Thomas Dempster with your thoughts/concerns/ideas/commitment about the consortium for a new work for soprano sax, alto sax, and wind ensemble.

I am looking mainly for saxophonists and wind ensemble directors, but anyone is welcome to comment or contribute!

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What's your email address, por favor? (Not into spamming. I'm into Thai food, craft beers, and fighting fascism, but not selling or giving away email addresses.) *
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Would you be interested in joining the consortium - that is, sponsoring and/or contributing to the commission as... (check that which may apply)
If you joined the consortium, what might you personally or institutionally be able to contribute financially? (This is purely hypothetical and no answer is required.)
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What are your questions or comments for me that are unanswered by my consortium and piece description?
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