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Under My Skin
We are opening our theater to become a space for convergence from February to March 2020, with the advocacy play Under My Skin as our frontliner. To be fittingly launched around World AIDS Day in December 2019, Under My Skin is our Theater Season finale. The play, written by Rody Vera and to be directed by Melvin Lee, is a collection of stories from different Filipino PLHIV.

Under My Skin is a culmination of multiple stories about Filipinos living with HIV gathered from their friends and relatives, HIV advocates, existing studies on HIV, doctors, and health practitioners. We are introduced to a number of characters – Dino, an HIV-positive teen whose status is discovered through a contraction of tuberculosis; Mary Rose, a mother who unknowingly passed down the virus to her son after contracting it from her husband; a gay beauty parlor employee experiencing work-related discrimination, and more – through Dr. Gemma Almonte, an epidemiologist at the Department of Health who is studying the spread of HIV in the Philippines. As the rate of HIV-related cases progressively increase in the Philippines, Dr. Gemma's prediction of the future is bleak and her only hope is a change in public perception, an increase in compassion, and a society afflicted not with ignorance and prejudice, but with compassion and understanding.

SHOW DATES: February 7 - March 22, 2020 (Total of 36 shows) Fridays, 8:00pm; Saturdays and Sundays, 3:00pm and 8:00pm

VENUE: PETA Theater Center

PETA believes that by using theater as a medium, Under My Skin and other advocacy-oriented activities can become an effective platform for probing, conversations, and a coming-together of various HIV-AIDS experts, advocates and thepublic. In the past, PETA has been successful in tackling sensitive topics through theater and the arts. It is through this safe space that we aim to humanize the HIV-AIDS issue that has long become “taboo” in our society.

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