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Jupyter Notebooks on Savio Training Registration
This is the registration form for the Jupyter notebooks on Savio training session to be held Tuesday March 7 from 3:30 - 5:00 pm in the Academic Innovation Studio (AIS), 117 Dwinelle Hall. (Enter through the doors near Sather Gate (not the doors on Campanile Way) and turn left; AIS will be directly ahead of you.)

This form requests a bit of information that will help us keep track of our training efforts and tailor the content of the training to the participants.

Chris Hoffman
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Research IT
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How much have you used Savio?
How much have you used Jupyter notebooks?
Do you store your research data in Box?
Do you use Singularity or Docker?
Please indicate your level of interest in the following topics for the workshop.
1: Not interested
3: Medium interest
5: Very interested
Jupyter IPython notebooks
Running parallel processing jobs on Savio using Jupyter notebooks.
Running parallel processing jobs across multiple nodes on Savio using Jupyter notebooks.
Jupyter R notebooks
Connecting Jupyter IPython notebooks to data in Box.
Automating data transfer between Savio and Box at the Linux command line
Accessing software in a Singularity container from Jupyter IPython notebooks.
What other topics would you like to see covered.
(If you have an interest in specific software or topic not listed in the previous question, please mention it here.)
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Are there other types of notebooks (e.g., bash, Julia, Torch) you'd like to see discussed. If so, which one(s)?
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