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2017 SEAS School Survey
Next spring St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School, SEAS, will go through an accreditation process with the Minnesota Nonpublic Schools Accreditation Association, MNSAA. As we prepare for our site visit, we would like to hear from the members of our SEAS community. Your opinion matters to us! Please take a few moments to complete our 2017 survey. Thank you!
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Mission and Philosophy
SEAS effectively carries out its mission statement goals.
The SEAS mission statement expresses a commitment to support and promote student learning and the development of Catholic character.
The SEAS philosophy statement is clearly written, easy to understand, and supportive of the mission statement.
The SEAS mission and philosophy statements are the foundation for all that happens at the school.
SEAS effectively communicates its mission to parents and supporters within the school community.
SEAS parents and supporters have opportunities to share their views regarding SEAS mission and philosophy.
Teaching and Learning
SEAS includes all essential academic disciplines in a sequentially progressive curriculum, (one that builds off what has already been taught).
SEAS teaches all subjects effectively in the light of God's Word.
SEAS uses instructional strategies (teaching methods) that accommodate varying student needs and abilities.
SEAS strives to engage and motivate learners by offering varying opportunities both within and supplementary to the core curriculum.
The SEAS curriculum has appropriately high academic expectations for all students.
SEAS teachers effectively use technology for instruction and provide students with opportunities to develop technology skills.
SEAS effectively monitors and communicates student academic progress.
SEAS demonstrates that literacy is an essential component of the school's educational efforts.
Climate for Learning
SEAS effectively communicates expectations for student behavior to the students and parents.
SEAS maintains an orderly learning environment by judiciously and effectively enforcing its discipline policies.
The Catholic identity of SEAS is evident in the attitudes, words, and actions of students, faculty, and staff.
The Catholic identity of SEAS is evident in the appearance of classrooms, hallways, and throughout the school facility.
SEAS has an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for all.
Communication and Community Relationships
SEAS provides regular, effective communication from the school office, administration, and teachers to the school families.
SEAS provides effective orientation for new staff, students, families, and volunteers.
SEAS provides quality orientation and communication about expectations for student behavior.
SEAS maintains positive relationships between teachers and parents.
SEAS works effectively to promote the school within the church and the community.
SEAS warmly welcomes and involves new families.
SEAS promotes partnerships with parents and supporters by offering voluntary service options.
SEAS personnel work hard and are committed to excellence.
SEAS strives to serve students and their families generously with their time and talents.
SEAS teachers and support staff are helpful, friendly, and welcoming.
SEAS personnel exhibit professionalism in appearance and conduct.
SEAS personnel are positive Catholic role models for the school children.
SEAS personnel cultivate positive, trusting relationships with students and parents.
Leadership, Administration, and Governance
The principal and School Advisory Committee (SAC) effectively supervise the school.
The principal, SAC, the pastor, and the parish finance council plan adequate financial support for the needs of the school.
SEAS has tuition and fees that are affordable.
Professional growth receives adequate financial support within the school budget and is encouraged by the principal.
The Student/Parent Handbook is easy to access and efficiently conveys what families need to know about tuition, admission procedures, and other enrollment policies.
The enrollment/registration process used by SEAS is easy and convenient.
Please take a moment to add any comments about SEAS School, this survey, or explain any "disagree" or "strongly disagree" answers.
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