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The Apex Gathering Application
The Apex Gathering is two days to spend with other Kingdom minded leaders from all different demographics to Pause // Connect // Grow // Go. We believe having people to lock arms with and to experience connection with is the key to long term success in sharing Jesus with a world who is desperately searching for Him.

The Apex Gathering is two life changing days each summer. More than just a two-day experience our hope is that being a part of an Apex Gathering starts a journey for you of growing closer to Jesus all the while bringing others with you.

Our time together will focus on conversations and intentional teaching times from participants and facilitators alike. There will be time for reflection, dreaming, innovating & growing, coupled with conversations with people who understand what a life of investing in Kingdom Building endeavors. It is our hope and prayer that everyone involved with an Apex Gathering will come expecting change and growth in our own lives which we can only hope will spill over onto those around us. We truly believe this time will change the landscape of our hearts and the trajectory of our lives.

Our two days together will be filled with resources, conversations and other unexpected twists. We are intentionally vague on the specific details of our time together because, well, we can, and a little mystery adds to the excitement. You'll be on a need to know basis, knowing what you need to know in plenty of time.

All Apex Gatherings are filled with about 20 Kingdom minded leaders through an application process. No matter what the context you are currently living in, your desire to Pause // Connect // Grow // Go on what could be is what makes the Apex Gathering right for you.

We believe that Kingdom Builders must keep their hearts in pursuit of Jesus which means, we have our eye on the goal and we aren't turning back, all the while being reminded we aren't the experts in all of this, but must remain life long learners.

The Apex Gathering will be Friday & Saturday, July 8th & 9th 2022

The cost per event is $150

Friends, don’t get me wrong: by no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.

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