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Participants form (deadline - 28 June 2019)
For participants of the second international training course, in the frame of ‘Young Parents - Young Empowerment!’ Campaign, 13th - 20th of July, 2019 (including travel days) in Poltava, Ukraine.

The international training course is implemented as a part of Capacity Building in the field of youth ‘Young Parents - Young Empowerment!’ project through funding provided by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission.

The campaign “Young parents – Young empowerment!” is aimed at autonomous distribution of entrepreneurship competences among young parents, capacity reinforcing of youth educators & workers, popularization of volunteering and mentorship, cultivating role models for young parents and the constant encouragement of young parents to self-employment and social interaction through diverse ways of inclusive engagement and sustainable tools developing.


1. To empower young parents to play an active role in the society development through increasing of the active parenting and entrepreneurship skills and competences.
2. To reinforce the capacity of young parents as trainers, teachers, mentors, and youth workers within their communities.
3. To create an online workspace for young families with preschool and primary school children (including mothers on maternity leave), for inclusion in the social life and the creation of active enterprising young parents community with the possibility to attract the attention of the potential customers through the Internet platforms.
4. To share best practices, tips and the possibilities of creating a culture of active parenting.

Approach and content

The programme is based on non-formal education methods, such as group discussions, presentations, interactive real-life learning experience; simulation exercises, follow-up projects development, and networking.

Please be aware that the training course will not provide you with academic knowledge and concomitant recognition as it is a purely non-formal activity, and its success depends on the active participation of everybody present.

Profile of the participants

Young parents who are youth/social workers, coaches/trainers/specialists, educators or youth leaders active within their organizations or communities, who use or want to use entrepreneurship competencies and/or entrepreneurship education in their professional or volunteer activities to reach positive social changes. Priority would be given to people who already started own business and have their product or service established.

Campaign dedicated to the empowerment of young parents to be competent in entrepreneurship and to reinforce the capacity of acting or potential trainers, teachers, mentors and youth workers in the youth domain.

We are looking for young parents during the prenatal period and after it, aged between 18-35 years old. We will invite 20 % of participants over 35 years to make a connection between newcomers and experienced people.

Priority to take part in the mobility would be given to those, who have fewer opportunities. We will invite representatives of the social and/or ethnic minorities (including people with disabilities).

Participants should preferably have a good level of English, as this will be our working language.

The costs for food and local transportation during the training for participants are fully covered by the grant received from the European Commission.

All participants are required to pay a participation fee of 20 euros.

Travel information

The training course starts on July 13th (arrival day) with dinner and ends on until the morning of July 20th, 2019 (departure day) with breakfast.

Full participation in the training course for its full duration is mandatory, you cannot arrive later or leave earlier.

You are welcome to arrive earlier or stay longer in Ukraine if you wish. All costs outside of the indicated period of the training course have to be carried by yourself. The maximum total duration of your additional stay in Ukraine outside of the training course is 2 days, otherwise, you are not eligible for reimbursement of travel costs.

Please be aware that you are in charge of arranging your own insurance (health, accident, liability) for the whole duration of the activity. Insurance is a mandatory requirement of participation. The costs for the insurance are not subject to reimbursement.

The following maximum travel reimbursement per participant is eligible:

Azerbaijan 275 EUR
Italy 275 EUR
Ukraine 20 EUR

Reimbursement Procedure

The reimbursement of the travel costs will be done through a bank transfer after the activity. The reimbursements will be made within 2 months after the organizer has received all the original documentation and proofs of dissemination activities and exploitation of the project results.

Participants will be reimbursed for their travel expenses up to the amount available for their
countries and no more than their real costs. Should the travel expenses exceed the contribution available, participants shall cover the extra costs from own resources.

Requirements for reimbursement:
1. Second class tickets (Taxi are not eligible);
2. Bring documentation for all travels made to the project venue and back (e.g. boarding passes, bus/train tickets, invoices etc.);
3. Fill and sign the reimbursement form;
4. Where applicable, send by post all the originals of travel documentation.

Additionally, the reimbursement will be performed only if the following conditions are met:
✓ You have submitted the individual participant report as requested by the European
Commission through the Mobility Tool;
✓ You send proofs of dissemination activities.

Dissemination and exploitation of the activity results

Dissemination and exploitation of the activity results are a key feature in the Erasmus+ programme, therefore, partner organizations and participants are inquired to organize such activities after the training course. The project results shall be disseminated and exploited as a minimum to other members of the organisation and young people in the local community.
Participants and their sending organization must send the organizers a proof of their measures to disseminate and exploit the results of the training course.

Deadline for filling the questionnaire - June 29, 2019.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact or
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In order to make the training course as efficient, relevant and beneficial as possible, the team of trainers will meet a couple of days prior to the event and fine-tune the foreseen programme of activities to the specific profile, needs, expectations and contributions of the participants. To allow us to do so, and in order to make the training course as relevant as possible for all of us, please be very specific in describing the following:
YOUR PROFILE: with which of the following do you identify? “I see myself as a …” (several choices possible) *
SHORT BIO: please give us a short introduction about yourself in relation to entrepreneurship, youth work and/or education *
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CONTRIBUTION: how could you help us to make this training course better? Is there any particular knowledge/skills related to the course that you would like to share? If "Yes" how much time do you need to do so? What equipment or settings will you need? *
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If you have any additional comments or information for us, that could have an impact on your participation in the training course, please include it here
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