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Pitching: Sam Dylan Finch, Healthline
Hi there, writer!

My name is Sam Dylan Finch and I'm an Editor at!

In this role, I'm looking for pitches that focus on chronic conditions, disability, and mental health. My priority is content by the community, for the community — so I primarily solicit content from folks who live with the conditions they're writing about!

Due to a high volume of pitches, I created this form to streamline this process and ensure that your pitches don't get caught in my spam or lost in the avalanche we jokingly call an email inbox!

Unless we are friendly, please just utilize this form rather than emailing me directly. My ADHD can only handle so much email and then my brain is fried, and neither of us wants that, I promise.

Let's talk basic submission guidelines...
+ I'm looking for pitches from the CHRONIC ILLNESS, DISABILITY, & MENTAL HEALTH communities.

+ Please be honest about your capacity! As editors, we have monthly quotas, so when writers aren't able to realistically adhere to deadlines, it puts us both in a bit of a pickle.

+ I STRONGLY PREFER that pitches stick to lived experience (so for example, pieces about autism should be coming from autistic folks!).

+ YES, WE PAY, but it is highly dependent on what you've pitched (a researched piece is not the same as a narrative, for example). To ensure that you're paid fairly, I ask questions at the bottom of this form that will help me understand the work involved so we can compensate you accordingly!

How to impress the heck out of me? Be brave.
I'll be honest: I'm here to transform health media.

I don't want to play it safe. As a community, our honest, raw, and boldest voices are needed... now more than ever.

So when you pitch me? I want it to be that piece you're fired up about. Something that your heart keeps circling back to. Throw it at me.

(Mostly recently, for me, it was writing this piece that gave me that feeling:

Listicle? Sweet! Personal essay? Lovely. Book excerpt? Let's see it. Something else? Try me.

The most important thing is that I want it to have NUANCE. I want it to be original and hold room for complexity. I want it to capture something that deeply matters to you. And I want to be your partner in making that the most compelling, awesome piece of content humanly possible.

What needs to be said? What piece is missing from the conversation? What pisses you off, makes you feel hopeful, leaves you confused as hell, or maybe even all of the above? Tell me that story.

Is there a place that editors haven't allowed you to go before? Let's go there.

Pitch me!

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