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Title 1 Schoolwide Shoshoni Elementary
Needs Assessment
1. Shoshoni Elementary promotes family involvement in school.
2. Parents feel welcome at Shoshoni Elementary.
3. Teachers willingly meet with parents to discuss their children's education.
4. Parents know what children need to learn in each subject area.
5. Teachers meet with parents about their children's progress several times each year.
6. The school building is available for use by the community outside of school hours.
7. The school staff treats parents and community members with respect.
8. Teachers do their best to meet the individual needs of my child.
9. The school provides my child the support they need to succeed.
10. The school provides me with the information and support I need in order to help my child succeed in school.
11. The school provides the technology needed for my child to succeed in school.
12. I am familiar with my child's ELA standards and curriculum (ARC Reading).
13. I am familiar with my child's math standards and curriculum.
14. I am familiar with the discipline procedures in my child's classroom.
15. I feel that Positive Behavior Interventions and Support can help my child succeed at school.
16. My child has access to a computer at home.
17. My child has access to the Internet at home.
18. Please identify the the three areas of instruction you think should be top priorities in our school.
19. Parents want to be involved in their children's education. The best ways to involve parents are: (check all that work best for you)
20. What type of informational opportunities are of interest to you? (Check all that apply)
21. My child would take advantage of after school and/or summer program offerings at the school.
22. I am aware of how my child's school performs vs. other schools in the state.
23. Would you be willing to serve on a Title 1 parent advisory committee? If so would you please enter your name and phone#
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24. Teachers in my child's school have professional development opportunities provided to them to improve their practice.
25. What I like about Shoshoni Elementary is...
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26. What I would like to see improved at Shoshoni Elementary is...
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