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The Humboldt County 2022 Earthquake Business Recovery & Economic Impact Survey
This survey will be used to track, monitor, and quantify business losses in Humboldt County following the magnitude 6.4 earthquake which struck 3 miles offshore of the Eel River Valley on December 20, 2022 at 2:34 am. Losses will be totaled and shared with federal and state agencies as we seek outside support for our community. Stay safe and stay tuned to Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services for ongoing information. 

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Business Information
Please provide information about your business(s) affected by the 2022 Humboldt Earthquake Disaster.
Name of Business (optional)
Type of Business *
Business Zip Code *
Business Phone Number
Contact Phone Number
Contact Email
What is your most urgent need at this time?
Sale & Revenue Losses
As a result of the earthquake, was your business(s) forced to close outside of your normal hours of operation? *
Anticipated Length of Closure 
What is the total estimated monetary loss in sales and revenue as a result of any irregular closure?
Merchandise & Inventory Losses
Did your business(s) lose any inventory or merchandise as a result of the earthquake? *
Please give a brief description of the type of inventory or merchandise lost
What is the total estimated monetary loss in inventory or merchandise?
Damages to Physical Structures or Fixtures?
Did your business(s) suffer any physical damage to structures or fixtures as a result of the earthquake? *
Please give a brief description of the type and extent of physical damages suffered
What is the total estimated cost to repair damages suffered?
Employee Information
The County through its workforce programs provides resources to employees that have been laid off. Will you allow us to contact you to assist any displaced workers with reemployment services. If so, please make sure you provided us with your best contact information above. 
Number of Employees at Affected Business(s) *
Do you anticipate needing to lay off any employees (Temporary or Permanent) as a result of the earthquake? *
Number of Anticipated Temporary Lay Offs *
Number of Anticipated Permanent Lay Offs *
Average Employee Hourly Pay
Insurance Information
In order to better understand the impact of your business losses, please answer the following questions about your business's insurance coverage.
Does your business have insurance coverage?
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Does your insurance include earthquake coverage?
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Do you plan on filing a claim
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What is your insurance deductible?
Resources & Information

May we share the information you provide with state or local agencies who may wish to reach out to you to offer services or support?

Do you have resources or services that you are willing to provide to the business community in response to the earthquake disaster?  if so, please describe.

May we share your contact information to local agencies to make better use of the resources or services you offering?

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