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Trumansburg Community Recreation - Preliminary Stakeholder Survey
Our Mission: To develop facilities and programs for community sports, recreation and leisure in the Trumansburg area.
Our Vision: By providing safe and enjoyable facilities and programs for sports, recreation and leisure, we will be helping to promote the health and vitality of our Trumansburg area community.

With the information you provide, we can begin to help support our community, so tell us what you are up to and how we can help! Thank you!
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Community Organization you are representing? *
If you represent multiple different organizations, please complete the survey again for each organization
Different Contact person within your organization that we should be contacting? (Name, email, phone)
Who are your members/audience?
What types of activities/events to you organize ?
(e.g. educational, sports, recreation and leisure, social, etc)
What format are you events?
(e.g. ongoing classes/lessons, regular meetings/gatherings, special events/workshops, concerts, etc)
How can we stay up to date on what your organization is doing?
TCR aims to increase recreational, leisure, and sporting activities for our community. We fully recognize that there are a number of opportunities that already exist, and we hope to help support this existing programming. Which of the following support services would be useful to your organization?
Further comments on Promotion/Outreach?
Further comments on Organizational?
Facilities follow up - Would you be looking for occasional, seasonal or regular use? Please describe
Facilities follow up - Do you have an underutilized facilities that you might be interested in subletting to other organizations?? Please describe
Further comments on Facilities?
Community Resources
Further comments on Community Resources?
Any comments or questions for Trumansburg Community Recreation?
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