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"A Flare of Love" ARC Sign-up
Hi, Book Lovers!
I'm giving away ARCs of Book4 of The Jaylior Series "A Flare Of Love". Review copies will be sent out via Bookfunnel.
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Book: Book 4 of a 4-book novel series
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Steamy Romance
Pages: ~ 330
Target Groups: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance Readers +18

He became her lover. Then he became her enemy.
Now, it was time to become her savior.

Haylie didn't know how much more she could take.
Her father? Mysteriously alive and determined to become a part of her life.
Dylan? Unreachable. Caught in an inner war. Trapped in his own personal hell.
Haylie just wanted it to end. But the game wasn't over. Not by a long shot.

Dylan was lost. Lost in an endless state of white-hot rage. Lost in his own torturing mind, tearing him apart little by little. Lost until she saved him, slamming right into his soul and slaughtering his demons while putting her life on the line without batting an eyelid.

She was the only thing stable in his life. She was the only one to make his past bearable. She was the only one to make his future livable. He’d sacrifice everything to give her the life she deserved, far away from the battles and the constant pain, but danger was once again hot on their heels...

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