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Gospel Art Exhibition 2017 Application Form

- 每個支/分會最多可提交五件藝術作品
- 歡迎12歲或以上成員參加
- 媒體︰繪畫以及攝影
- 藝術作品必需是原創作品 (包括意念)
- 藝術作品的保險需由參與者自行負責
- 參與者必須提供中英文內容介紹(不超過50個字)
- 圖稿尺寸:連裝錶不得超過1米(寬)x 1米(長)
- 通過向委員會提交藝術作品,參與者同意允許其作品用作展覽宣傳用途
- 被挑選的藝術作品需要裝錶

- Each ward/branch can submit up to five artworks
- Open to Church members age 12 or above
- Medium: Painting and photography
- Artworks need to be original, including the idea
- Artists will be responsible for the insurance of their own artworks
- A description in both Chinese and English (less than 50 words) must be provided
- Artwork size: Including framing, cannot exceed 1 m (width) x 1 m (length)
- By submitting the artworks to the committee, artists agree to allow their artworks be used as promotional materials for the exhibition
- Selected artworks need to be framed

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