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What God taught me during COVID      在新冠疫情中神要我學的功課
Each week we will have a different topic for you to share what you have been learning.每週有不同題目, 你可以分享你的心得.
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Week 2: What has God taught you over the past year during COVID about the importance of relationships? How have your priorities changed after spending so much time at home?     第 2 周: 神在過去一年的疫情中教導了你人際關係有什麼重要? 在家裡這麼長的日子, 你的優先序有沒有改變? *
Week 3: What has God taught you through COVID about the brevity of life and how to live during these few short days on earth? 在疫情中神有否教導你生命的短速和如何渡過在世的短暫人生? *
Week 4: How did you see the body of Christ serving and helping others during the pandemic? How did others serve you? 你看到教會肢體在疫情中彼此服侍和幫助嗎? 你得了什麼幫助? *
Week 5: What has the Lord taught you through sickness (whether COVID or something else)? 在生病中, 神教導你什麼? (無論是新冠肺炎或其他病患) *
Week 6: How has modern technology (Zoom, live streaming, social media, email, text messaging, etc.) been a BLESSING or a CURSE during the pandemic? How have you redeemed technology for God's purposes? 第六週: 現代科技 (Zoom, 直播, 社交媒體, 電郵, 短訊) 在疫情中是 "祝福" 還是 "咒咀"? 你如何把科技成為好的工具來作神的工? *
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