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Survey regarding "gaming fuel drink" to enhance gaming performance
A "gaming fuel drink" is in this case a small soft drink ( roughly 250-300ml ), that would improve you cognitive performance, focus, mood etc., that would combined improve your in-game performance. In other words, this would be a soft drink that would take advantage of your full potential when gaming. The effect of this, is like many other soft drinks (Monster, Redbull etc.) only temporaily.

*The soft drink is in no way harmful, addictive and comply with laws, rules and regulations for health.

In which of these classifications of a gamer, would you put yourself in? *
- Hardcore: A gamer who plays atleast 28 hours a week.

- Casual: A gamer who plays atleast 10 hours a week.

- Friendly: A gamer who plays atleast 1 hour a week.

What age group are you? *
Would you be keen to buy a "gaming drink" to improve your gaming performance, for roughly 3-4 USD? *
E.g. at a LAN-party, rank climb, competitions, etc.
Optionally why / why not? Other
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