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Apply to Profiling Coordination Training 2018
The JIPS 2018 Profiling Coordination Training (PCT) will take place from 25th to 30th of November 2018. Please consider that the training will start in the morning of the 25th. Hence, 24th is an arrival day and bus transfer will be organized to bring you from Geneva airport or central station to the venue on that day.

The application deadline is on Monday, 1st of October, 24:00 Geneva time.

Please carefully fill out this application form submit it together with your CV and an authorization letter (to be sent to

Please select which PCT you are applying for *
Note: The dates for these events will be subject to change
Personal Informaition
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Reasons for Applying
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Is a profiling exercise ongoing or planned (in the next 12 months) in your country operation? If yes, provide additional information as to timing, location, involved parties and the leading agency *
This is not a prerequisite for selection, nor is the answer binding
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If you are applying for a course outside of Switzerland, are you currently based in that region? *
If you are not based in the region for which you are applying, please indicate why this training would be relevant to you
This does not apply for PCT's held in Switzerland
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Are you able to commit at least 3 hours of your time in advance of attending the training? *
You will need to complete a pre-training assessment form (1 hour) and read background documents before attending
Can you follow advanced presentations/discussions in the language of instruction? *
English will be the language of instructions for the Geneva PCT.
Can you deliver presentations and actively participate in discussions in the language of instruction? *
English will be the language of instructions for the Geneva PCT.
Do you need a visa to travel to the venue? *
Authorisation and Expenses
Do you have authorisation from your supervisor / employer to attend this training? *
Please email a signed authorisation form to, your application will not be processed until this is received. You can download the form from:
Are you able to cover the costs of your transport to and from the training venue? *
This includes flights to the country where the training will be held, visa costs and any other costs related to travel
Additional documents
Did you send the following documents to *
Please send an email with your CV and the authoristation form attached to when submitting this application form. Please use your name, organization and "PCT application 2018" as the subject for the email.
How did you find out about the PCT? *
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Privacy Policy *
We are committed to protecting your privacy. JIPS will only use the information provided by you (information provided in this online form, your CV and the authorization form) to select participants for the Profiling Coordination Training 2018. JIPS will not share any of the information provided by you through the application process with third parties. JIPS will delete all material sent by you after the selection process. However, we would like to keep your name, email address and the organization you work for to be able to contact you for future trainings and opportunities. JIPS will then only use your contact details to inform you about future training opportunities or asking for your support in further disseminating information about future trainings with your networks. Please check the fields below accordingly.
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