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E-Week 2019 Marketing Director Application
Note: Applicants DO NOT necessarily need to be STEM major. E-Week is platform for celebrating Engineering and is in NO WAY only limited to Engineers. Everyone is welcome to apply. This is a GREAT opportunity to work in cross functional teams and take part in experiences outside of your major.

The marketing department is the face of the event. You will be responsible for getting the word out to students, the community, and everyone about the events, purpose, and what E-Week is all about.

Make the participation of E-Week be outstanding
Make everyone excited for the events.

The department consists of the director as the lead of the department and assistant directors as helpers to the director.

Creativity, boldness, initiative, and some software knowledge (graphic design is very important) are needed from both the director and the assistant directors.
Being able to work as a team to come up with ideas, share the work, and make things happen is very important as there is a lot of responsibilities and small details to be taken care of from the start of the planning to the end of it.

Very Important Position - We will test the limits of your creativity and ambition

****Please email a copy of your updated resume as a PDF document to with the following in the subject line: FirstName LastName Position. If you wish to apply to multiple positions, make sure you include every position that you're applying for in the subject line.
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