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Driscoll parents work together alongside teachers and staff to create unique experiences that enhance each student’s education. From stocking our library to the brim with books that ignite imaginations, to day long science and art activities -- Driscoll parents commit to making these events happen. Please take a look at the volunteer opportunities below and check off some that are of interest to you. An event coordinator will be in touch with you directly to find an opportunity that matches your interest and schedule as the date approaches. It is our hope that every Driscoll family will sign-up to help in both the fall and spring semesters.

If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities at Driscoll, please feel free to email Chiara Magini at

Thank you and welcome to Driscoll!

Driscoll PTO

Alice Speck
Ryan Garms
Co­-Presidents for 2017-­2018

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One-Time Events
FAMILY GIVING CAMPAIGN - October 16 to November 17, 2017 - Contact: Carla Sevilla ( *
DESCRIPTION • Every fall, the Driscoll PTO solicits financial donations from our families. This is the PTO’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The PTO asks every family to contribute -- Our goal is 100% participation -- no donation is too small (or too large!!). •• VOLUNTEERS •• Grade-level coordinators and assistants (K-8), to contact each family in grade and encourage participation; "Dial for Driscoll" callers on Nov 1st 6:00pm (Stoked pizza will be served); Thank you Notes writers (can be done from home!)
FALL FLING FAMILY DANCE - October 26, 2017 6:00 - 7:30pm - Contact: Lakia Rutherford ( and Tad Gallion ( *
DESCRIPTION • The school gym is transformed into a dance club! This is a fun and free event where families can talk and dance while they get to know each other. Snacks are provided and there are plenty of group dance opportunities (limbo, name it!) •• VOLUNTEERS •• DJ who can play family friendly music (or someone who can find an inexpensive DJ); Dance director to lead some group dances; Coordinate activities; Setup of snacks and drinks; and Cleanup at the end of the night.
UNDERSTANDING OUR DIFFERENCES - Fall 2017 in 4th grade classes - Contact: Alison Schonwald ( and Kim Katz ( *
DESCRIPTION • Understanding Our Differences (UOD) is an educational program that teaches elementary school children to develop understanding and respect for fellow students and others with physical, sensory or developmental disabilities. UOD is an interactive disability awareness curriculum that Brookline Elementary Schools teach to all 4th and 5th grades. Each fall students participate in a four part series introducing various kinds of disabilities. The curriculum' goals help our students understand how disabled people adapt and live full, productive lives as well as increase tolerance and reduce bullying. •• VOLUNTEERS •• Co-Chairs head this initiative. For each unit, eight parents are needed to help with classroom activities for a two-hour session.
BOOK FAIR - December 11 to 15, 2017 - Contact: Meg Brackley, ( Victor Kusmin (, Claudia Olivetti ( & Nadine Abu-Jawdeh ( *
DESCRIPTION • The Driscoll Book Fair is held for one week each fall. It is open for anyone to purchase books during the school day, before and after school. Teachers can also provide "wish lists" for their classrooms for parents to donate. Each class visits the book fair during school hours and parents are welcome to come at any time. Proceeds go to the library. •• VOLUNTEERS •• Publicize the event; Help with the set up before it starts, and take it down at the end; Assess and organize stock for re-order; and Perform cashier duties as students and parents purchase books.
SCIENCE SOLSTICE - December 8, 2016 - Contact: Shannon Hedrick ( and Mary Lochner Hurwitz ( *
DESCRIPTION • Each December, Driscoll holds a one-day Science Solstice celebration. Students in K-5 participate in hands-on science explorations and watch lively demonstrations on science topics. Students in the upper grades take field trips to local research labs or facilities. These trips both pique students interested in science and expose them to various careers in science and technology. •• VOLUNTEERS •• In order to make this event an amazing day for our children, volunteers are needed to: Host a 2 hour tour of a research or high tech lab or facility for a small group of middle schoolers. Lead a hands-on science activity in K-5 classrooms (usually leaders are professional scientist or educators.); Participate as classroom assistants and logistic helpers for K-5 science activities and presentations.
SCIENCE FAIR - March 10, 2018 - Coordinators: Melina Fan ( and Benjie Chen ( *
DESCRIPTION • Each year, Driscoll parents coordinate a science fair for students to present science projects to professional scientists and the community at large. •• VOLUNTEERS •• Publicize the science fair -- including guidelines for entering a science fair project; Help recruit a qualified, diverse judging panel; and Help with registration, set-up and cleanup, on the day of the Science Fair (4 to 5 volunteers needed).
ARTS EQUINOX & MUSIC TO MY EARS March 22 and 23, 2018, All Day - Contact: Corinna Pringle, ( ) Shannon Hedrick, ( ) Sheryl Steeves, ( ) and Meenakshi Garodia ( ) *
DESCRIPTION • In celebration of the Spring Equinox, Driscoll holds a two-day school-wide celebration of the arts and music. During the school day all students are busy with concerts, workshops, demonstrations and activities. Parents, community members and local artists and musicians lead workshops and activities. During Arts Equinox, the teacher’s lounge is turned into an artist Green Room. Breakfast and lunch are served every day to all the parents, teachers and artists who come to volunteer. The CHAIRS will work together as needed to coordinate and spearhead the extensive organization and planning, leading teams of parents who work on various aspects of the festival. No artistic or creative talents are needed to help. Most of the work is done ahead of time and largely on your own schedule. Committee members attend meetings roughly once per month. •• VOLUNTEERS •• (a sample of roles is listed – but all talents are welcome and needed!): Help identify themes, performers, musicians, and workshop leaders; Create parent-led workshops and gather supplies and materials; Market the event to the school; Organize parent volunteers; Brainstorm ideas; Coordinate the CORI process with adult volunteers; Bake and prep food for the Green Room; and staff the Green Room.
TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK- May 14 to 18, 2018 - Contacts: Robyn Hunter ( & Kim Katz ( *
DESCRIPTION • Every year, the PTO hosts a special thank-you for all Driscoll teachers and staff. Each day of the week, a small gift of food is placed in the teacher’s lounge from Mon to Thurs. On Fri, the PTO hosts a luncheon for teacher and staff in the teacher’s lounge. •• VOLUNTEERS •• Create a suggested menu; Design a web link for food donation sign-ups; Solicit parents to cook breakfast dishes and deliver them to school; Solicit local merchants for some additional food/drink donations; and staff the event with parent volunteers, including set-up, serving and clean-up.
SPRING FAIR - May 23, 2018 - Contacts: Jennifer Klaus (, Desmond Hall (, Connie Clauson, ( ) *
DESCRIPTION • To bring the school year to a close in spectacular fashion, a fair is held in the late spring that includes game booths, carnival rides, a raffle, and a wide variety of food. •• VOLUNTEERS •• A chairperson coordinates ordering the carnival rides and works with a committee of volunteers to: Develop activities, including an obstacle course, moonwalk, ring toss, climbing ladder, merry-go-round, and face painting. About a month before the fair, coordinate with local businesses to provide food at discounted prices and also donate food for sale. With room parents, develop the game booths, purchase prizes, and solicit additional parent help; and On the day of, 100 volunteers are needed to sell raffle tickets, sell food, and oversee clean-up. These positions are done in shifts and each shift is approximately one-hour long so parents can still enjoy the event with their children.
Ongoing Initiatives
ART VOLUNTEERS - Ongoing - Contact: Chiara Magini ( *
DESCRIPTION • Ms. Taylor is looking for volunteers on an on-going basis. The new art space is large enough to try out some cardboard based STEAM projects (STEM with art!). •• VOLUNTEERS •• Volunteers are needed to help man the hot glue/power tool/paper-cutter stations for 5th and 8th graders. Nerves of steel and a sense of humor are a must. Sign up here:
DRISCOLL AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES (DASA) - Ongoing - Contact: Kelly Chung ( *
DESCRIPTION • An after-school enrichment program, offering classes for Driscoll students in kindergarten through eighth grade. This is a tuition-based program, with financial aid available to those who qualify. Classes meet once a week for an hour for three 8-week sessions throughout the year. Students can sign up for a variety of classes and explore their interests from chess to sculpture to science and Legos! We provide enriching programs for our Driscoll students for mind, body and education. •• VOLUNTEERS •• Do you love organizing information on spreadsheets or putting together advertising for a launch? This after school program run by the PTO needs you! If you would like more of a direct role in DASA, we are also looking for someone who enjoys meeting new people and reaching out to our surrounding community to provide new exciting enrichment programs for Driscoll.
EARLY DISMISSAL MOVIES - Nov. 14 & 29, Dec. 5 & 13, 2017; April 4, 10, 25 & May 1, 2018 - Contact: Evgeniya Melnik ( *
DESCRIPTION • On each of the early dismissal days throughout the year, families may sign up their children for movies in the theater, from 12:40 to 2:00 pm. Parents are notified on forms sent home well in advance of the early dismissal dates. These movies are offered as an option for families in order to keep their children at school during the hours of parent/teacher conferences. Four films are shown in the fall and four in the spring term. •• VOLUNTEERS •• Two co-chairs oversee the selection, pre-screening and rental of films appropriate for two age groups: Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 5; Coordinate online registration; On the day of, volunteers distribute name tags, attendance sheets and arrange for post movie snacks; During all movies, parent volunteers and co-chairs are needed to supervise students; and If you volunteer at one movie, your children go for free to all 4 movies that season!
LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS - Ongoing - Staff Contact: Amy Grayson ( *
DESCRIPTION • Driscoll library relies on the assistance of volunteers each day during the school week. The time commitment varies according to volunteers’ schedules. •• VOLUNTEERS •• Re-stock books on a weekly basis (about one hour per week); Read stories to children and assist with research projects; Display children’s written work; and Assist with a once-a-year clean-up.
ROOM PARENTS - Ongoing - Contact: Amanda Sullivan-Kramer ( *
DESCRIPTION •  Room parents represent each classroom and help to create a strong community within the school by communicating basic school information, coordinating in­-class events, and by encouraging parents to connect with opportunities to volunteer for the school­-wide events.  Each classroom must have at least one Room Parent.  •• VOLUNTEERS •• Assist teachers with classroom events, activities and field trips; Attend quarterly PTO meetings; Recruit volunteers for such school­-wide events as Arts Equinox, the Auction, the Spring Fair and  other activities; and coordinate teacher gifts at the end of each semester.
PTO COMMUNICATIONS - Ongoing - Contact: Patricia Salic ( *
DESCRIPTION • Every Monday, a weekly one-page bulletin is e-mailed to parents announcing school and community events. The PTO also manages an active PTO Facebook page and Twitter handle. The estimated time commitment is two hours per week for the duration of the school year. •• VOLUNTEERS •• Weekly Bulletin producer gathers information and enters it into PTO Weekly Bulletin. Social Media volunteers regularly post relevant information on the Driscoll PTO Facebook and Twitter pages.
ONLINE FAMILY DIRECTORY - Ongoing - Contact: TBD ( *
DESCRIPTION • Driscoll Community Garden is a PTO project, to generate awareness of where food comes from and promote healthy eating. The garden is intended for use by all teachers and by after school programs, to generate scientific exploration, improve math skills, and drive awareness of proper nutrition and sustainability. •• VOLUNTEERS are needed for a variety of efforts from basic garden maintenance, to program development and facilitation, to fundraising event planning and staffing. Please consider joining the Garden Committee.
COMMUNITY GARDEN - Ongoing - Contact: Amy Lipton ( *
DESCRIPTION • Driscoll community garden is a fully funded PTO project, to generate awareness of where food comes from and promote healthy eating. The garden is used by all teachers and by after school programs to generate scientific exploration, improve math skills, and drive awareness of proper nutrition and sustainability. •• VOLUNTEERS are needed to help prepare, plant and maintain the garden.
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