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Tolland Intermediate School Student Survey
What grade are you in? *
My school is kept clean *
I feel safe in my classrooms... *
I feel safe on the recess area... *
I feel safe in the hallways... *
I feel safe on the bus... *
I feel safe in the cafeteria... *
I feel safe in the bathroom... *
Students in my school community help each other when needed... *
My teachers give us choices in things we learn about... *
I feel like there is at least one adult at school that I can go to for help when something is bothering me... *
My teachers notice if I have trouble learning something... *
I am bored in school... *
The homework I get from my teachers helps me learn... *
My teachers give me work that is interesting... *
My teachers make learning interesting... *
My family wants me to do well in school... *
Students show responsibility by coming to class prepared... *
Adults who work in my school treat students with respect... *
Students at this school are teased, picked on, made fun of or called names... *
Students in my school treat each other with respect... *
Teachers and other adults here listen to students' ideas about the school community... *
I feel like I am part of my school community... *
I wish I went to a different school... *
In my school, there are clear rules against hurting other people (for example, hitting, pushing, or tripping) ...
I have seen students being hurt at school more than once by other students (for example, pushed, slapped, punched or beaten up)...
There are groups of students who make others feel left out...
Students at my school will try to stop students from making fun of other students...
Students in this school respect differences in other students (for example, if they are a boy or girl, where they come from, what they believe)...
My parents or the people who take care of me feel welcome at my school
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