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Great Hope will be a show at the Union Gallery at UMass-Amherst, February 12-23, 2018. The show will be comprised of editioned print based work in two parts, shown in unison. The first, a collection of work by Zach Clark / National Monument Press created in response to stories and ideas of hope, with the second portion of the show being be an open call portfolio exchange to artists around the country.

All artists who submit will have their work included in the duration of the show, after which, each artist will receive a selection of work by other artists who have participated, allowing the exchange to continue well beyond the dates of the physical show. All work within the show / exchange will be 7”x7” to create a unifying and democratic field for both the artist and the viewer.

To participate in the open call / print exchange:

-Submit an edition of at least 12 prints addressing the ideas of your personal hope and solace.
-Prints must be exactly 7”x7”, with any and all print mediums welcome.
-Zines and artist books that are 7”x7” when closed will also be accepted.
-Each participating artist will receive 10 prints in return once the show has concluded.
-All prints must be delivered/shipped to Zach Clark / National Monument Press or The Union Gallery by February 1st, 2018.

To be included, please fill out the following form. If you have any other questions, contact

Thanks for being part of GREAT HOPE

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