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Treasure Coast Pagan Pride Day Vendor Application
All applications must be in by Saturday October 15th.

Located at Savanna Recreation Area
1400 E Midway Rd., Ft. Pierce, FL

By entering into this agreement, each vendor or purveyor of a product agrees that he or she has the required regulatory licenses and permits and to waive any and all liability against Treasure Coast Pagan Pride.

10x10 space Craft/ Food = $20
10x10 space Nonprofit Organization (selling) = $20
10x10 space Nonprofit Organization (information only) = Free

Vendor location will be determined by the Vendor Coordinator before the event.

All vendors must have prior approval before attending TCPPD

Amber Moon, Vendor Coordinator

Treasure Coast Pagan Pride Rules for Vendors

1. Vendor Equipment and Supplies
Each vendor is responsible for bringing, providing and removing any and all equipment and supplies he or she requires for doing business on site. This includes signs, tables, chairs, electrical equipment as needed and products and equipment utilized for clean-up purpose. Vendors are strongly encouraged to use reusable, biodegradable, or recyclable products, such as cups, plates, etc.

2. Signs
All signs must remain within the allotted vendor’s exhibit space and must not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or egress, or interfere with other vendors’ displays or views.

3. Exhibit Space
The Exhibit stall/space is generally defined as 10’ x 10’with a 2 foot easement allowed along one side of the exhibit space.
a. The Vendor Coordinator has full authority to assign exhibit space. Requests for particular sites will be given consideration but the coordinator reserves the right to assign and locate all vendors.
b. Assigned exhibit space must be occupied by 9:30 AM and vacated by 7 PM.
c. Booth Set-up & Display: No boxes or signs may extend into the common customer traffic areas. Vendors must supply their own booths or tables. Food vendors must supply and maintain their own trash cans. Booths and tables must not be a hazard to the public or other vendors.

4. Vendor Conduct
The Vendor Coordinator is responsible for enforcing the rules. TCPPD has the discretion to deny a vendor’s application and prohibit anyone from selling at the market, or prohibit any product from being sold at the market.
a. Product Exclusivity: No vendor has the exclusive right to sell any one product. Customers benefit from competition.
b. Prohibited items: Prohibited items include, but not limited to, anything beyond the scope of your approved application. Items that are sexual, drug or alcohol related, and promoting violence will not be allowed at TCPPD.
c. Attendance: Any vendor choosing not to display at TCPPD is required to provide the Vendor Coordinator 24 hours’ notice, by telephone, text, or email.
d. Smoking: no smoking is permitted inside vendor booths. Vendors choosing to smoke will be courteous of other vendors and customers and leave the vicinity.

5. Hours of Operation
TCPPD is Saturday, October 15th, from 10 AM to 6 PM, with vendor set up starting at 8:00 AM.

6. Set-Up, Clean-Up & Break-Down, and parking:
TCPPD setup starts at 8 AM and is completed before 10 AM.
a. UPS System: Vendors are required to follow the process Unload, Park, and Set up. Setting up display while unloading slows down traffic in the unloading area and causes unnecessary congestion. Vendors are required to unload and park in designated areas only. All vendors should be present and unloaded by 9:30 am. Vendors are not allowed to break down their displays or move vehicles into position before TCPPD closing.
b. Trash: Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage from their vending area as well as removing trash generated from operations. Vending areas are to be left free of any debris.
c. Break-down begins at 6:00 PM and TCPPD must be vacated before 7:00 PM.

7. Product Display
The use of canopies, awnings and sun-umbrellas is permitted, but all, including tents, must be firmly secured by the vendor for wind protection. Use of city property, such as light poles, sculptures, etc. to secure the canopies is prohibited. Proper anchoring is required.

8. All rules may be revised by decision of the Vendor Coordinator at any time.

9. Selection and Payment
a. All applications must be in by Saturday October 15th 2016.
b. The Vendor Coordinator will contact you ASAP with PayPal payment information.
c. All payments must be made before October 15th 2016.
Information of payment information will accompany the acceptance e-mail. Failure to pay means that you forfeit your space at the vent and another vendor will then be contacted to take your place.

10. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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