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Puppy survey
Have you bought a puppy from a store in California recently? Please tell us about your experience.
What is the name of the store where you got your puppy?
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What is the address of the store?
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When did you get your puppy?
Is the puppy a purebred?
What is the breed?
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How old was the puppy?
How much did your puppy cost?
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Which rescue group did your puppy come from, and in what state is that rescue located? (This is required to be posted on all kennels. Ex: "PetConnect, Joplin MO")
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Did the puppy get sick?
If the puppy got sick, what did it have?
Did you rack up vet bills?
If your puppy got sick, did it recover?
If we can we contact you to talk more about all this, please provide your name.
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And the best way to reach you (an email address or phone number). Thanks.
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