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Saasu Certification Assessment
Certification questions for qualification as a Saasu Certified Partner
This should take about 25 minutes to complete the 25 multiple choice questions if you are familiar with Saasu.
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1. When setting up a user role, what are the levels of access you can set for each function in the system? *
2. Are your changes automatically saved when you navigate away from a screen? *
3. What do you need to do in order to email an invoice to a contact? *
4. How does Saasu name Accounts in the Chart of Accounts? *
5. Where do you invite a new user to a file in your subscription? *
6. Can you control what you see on the Dashboard? *
7. Which method creates tags? *
8. Where is your cashflow "forecast" (not history)? *
9. What happens if you delete an account code that has transactions coded against it? *
10. How do I get referral rewards for people that I refer to Saasu? *
11. Where would you change a customer's ABN number? *
12. What do you do if you can't see one of the standard tax office tax codes when adding a transaction? *
13. What is the quickest way to find an invoice for a particular customer? *
14. Can you change a Purchase Tax Invoice back to a Purchase Order? *
15. Saasu can automatically apply customer or supplier discounts to invoices? *
16. Saasu updates existing records in Saasu when you import Inventory or Contact CSV files? *
17. Does Saasu keep a copy of outgoing emails of Sales and Purchase? *
18. Can you add a merge field that can calculate in Saasu? *
19. Does Saasu Inventory Items support these things? *
20. Can you convert an item that is inventoried to non-inventoried, once there is a transaction against it? *
21. How do you best include a supplier's item code on a printed invoice/order? *
22. Where can you best see your stock pricelist and availability? *
23. Where do you see how much sick leave an employee has available? *
24. Are Inventory and Items the same thing in Saasu?
25. Does Saasu have an online credit card payment feature supporting various payment gateways?
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