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Our Revolution TC 2022 Local Candidate Questionnaire
This form will be used by the Endorsements Committee and members of Our Revolution Twin Cities to evaluate your campaign and decide on local endorsement and recommendation to the national Our Revolution.  If you have any questions of the organization and its process, you can reach us at
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Email *
What is your name? *
What city office/ward/district are you running for and why? *
Are you an Our Revolution member and if so are you also a member of any other Our Revolution chapters? *
Policy Questions
Do you support permanent affordable units in any new multi-housing developments without providing expiration dates or opting out by paying a fee? *
In order to meet Minneapolis’ Climate Action Plan goals in an equitable manner, along with the targets the City adopted in to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable energy by 2050, would you support: (We encourage you to elaborate upon your choice in the space provided further below) *
Do you support requiring all new multi-housing units to be fully accessible (outside and inside the units) to those with mobility disabilities? *
Will you propose or vote for ending bail? *
Do you support divesting from big banks and investing in a state/municipal bank or credit union? *
As representatives of the residents of the city whose taxes pay for our police, do you support reducing and redistributing police funding from the budget, including no money for weapons of war or weapons forbidden in war, and creating a new police union contract? *
Do you support police hiring  practices to ensure equitable outcomes for city residents, including requiring city residents make up a much larger proportion of those hired, and eliminating qualified immunity from prosecution for police committing crimes? *
Will you support a transition to a Park Ranger system to manage safety in our parks and away from having armed police officers patrolling the city and park land and park police assisting, as they did in officer Derek Chauvin's murder of George Floyd, (which was not on park property)?
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Do you support immediately raising your city's minimum wage to at least $15 with no exceptions for tipped workers while increasing it to a living wage of at least $20 by 2024? *
Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board outsource tens of thousands of hours of labor every year to non-union businesses. Will you support a move to 100% union labor for all MPRB and parks related labor?
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Do you support full-time salaries equivalent to the City Council for Park Board commissioners instead of their current part-time, sub $15/hour pay so they do not need to be independently wealthy, take on jobs with potential conflicts of interest, and can commit extra time to being on the ground at parks with staff to work with and evaluate how well policy decisions are being executed?
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Will you support Ranked Choice Voting at all levels of government, including for school districts and within your party endorsement process? *
Will you support the adoption of the NOFA organic land care standards and a 3 year transition away from the use of all pesticides in parks, golf courses, baseball / football / soccer fields, wetlands, natural areas, and gardens? *
Will you support an equitable redistribution of resources wherein all future planning for parks is aimed at supporting the most economically and socially vulnerable populations in the city including people who are unhoused, low income, working class, disabled, and BIPOC to balance the past of  Minneapolis Parks planned and developed to meet the needs of high income residents, developers, and large corporations?
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What other policies will you propose or vote for to reduce the city's carbon emissions before 2030 and have a positive impact on the climate? *
What if any context do you want to add to your policy answers?
Why is an Our Revolution TC endorsement important to you? *
What are your top 3 priorities once elected? *
What local issue is most important to your constituents and why are you the best person to address it? *
Describe the experience and skill-set that will help you be effective in office
Below are the overarching values of Our Revolution.  Using these values, please answer how each of these values will guide your conduct and decision making as a representative of the people.
Citizens before Corporations *
Voters over Donors *
People, Planet, and Peace before Profits *
Dignity, Equity and Justice for All Persons *
Is there anything else you would like the Our Revolution Endorsements Committee to know about you (for example, have or will you sign and publicly endorse the Progressive Pledge )?
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