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Oxford covid-19 community support
This form is intended to help connect people in and around Oxford who:
* could use support to avoid going outside, using shops and especially public transportation to minimise covid-19 transmission risks
* local folks who can help with errands such as purchasing food, household and hygiene supplies.

If you'd like to help, please provide your details in this form.

IF YOU NEED SUPPORT, please go here:

We encourage you to invite people to the group and circulate this form so we can reach as many local folks as possible. You can also join us on Facebook: and on Twitter:

This is an LGBTQ+ run project, but open to all.

You can contact us at

Let's do this <3
Note that your response will be visible to a small collective who are organising this project. *
What name should we call you?
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If you have any specific skills or expertise that might be relevant, let us know!
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How would you like to get involved?
We're contacting people in two main ways.

The first is through WhatsApp groups for your local area. This is where we share the majority of requests for help from people nearby. Others in the group may also post requests. These groups are moderated by us to be low-volume and on-topic.

Alternatively, we can contact you by email. This would be with requests that are either not location specific or which the WhatsApp network has not succeeded in fulfilling. This is expected to be infrequent and your email address will not be shared with the list.
Please contact me on WhatsApp. My number is:
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And I would like to join the WhatsApp group for (please join no more than two):
I want to be contacted by email. My email address is:
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Please press Submit to send your details. Thank you so much for helping out!
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