UM All-Star HS Wind Ensemble and Orchestra CONFIRMATION FORM

This form is due by WEDNESDAY, 10/16/2015.

    Student Information

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    Payment must be received by Friday, 11/06/2015. CHECK: Make to "UM School of Music" AND put "UM All-Stars" in the memo line. Mail to: UM School of Music c/o Rayleen Hicks, Business Manager 32 Campus Drive Missoula, MT CREDIT CARD: Call Rayleen Hicks @ 406-243-6881 (Visa, Mastercard, Discover accepted)
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    Participant Registration and Lodging Cost

    On the nomination form you chose either Option 1.) to have the participants' hotel arranged by the UM All-Star hosts or Option 2.) that they would arrange their own or don't need a hotel. If you do not recall which you requested please email Option 1 = $160 ($100 reg. + lodging @ $30/night/student) Students will be placed in hotel rooms first with same gender participants from their own school and then with same gender participants from other schools. Quad occupancy is to maximize room capacity to keep your costs down and introduce participants to students from other schools.. Option 2 = $100 ($100 reg. only) No hotel room needed (commuting or arranging our own lodging).