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End-of-Year Survey 19/20
We want to hear what you thought of your Local Leaders experience this year!
Rate your experience on a sliding scale, 1 being not satisfactory and 10 being great.
(This is anonymous, so be honest!)
Guest Speakers (Did you enjoy them?) *
Effectiveness of Small Groups *
Projects (Stoneridge Mall Display, Garden Work, Falcon Fest) *
Experience with Bins *
Activities/Games during meetings *
How involved did you feel in making decisions or contributing ideas for the club? *
not involved at all
super involved
What do you want your involvement in projects to be like next year? *
Iess involved, I just want to be there to have fun and learn!
more involved, I want to be a big part of the decisions and work done for projects
How engaging were meetings? *
not engaging at all
very engaging
If you put a 7 or less on the previous question, why and what can we do to make meetings more engaging?
What do you want to see during meetings next year? *
Project ideas? *
What are your thoughts on field trips? *
What do you think should change for next year? (General or specific) *
What environmental issue are you most passionate about or interested in? *
Any other suggestions, questions, or comments about the club? *
Lastly, have you checked out our YouTube channel and website? *
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