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Present Your Best Self


Presenters include AIT MSP Director Garrett Kling & professional dancer with the James Sewell Ballet, Da'Rius Malone.

Sunday, September 22
10:15-11:15am ON ICE
11:30-12:30pm OFF ICE

Contact Garrett at 612.616.8477 or EMAIL for more info.
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I understand that American Ice Theatre [AIT] its officials, employees and agents, officers, directors its subsidiaries cannot be responsible for any injuries or damage suffered by my participation in the AIT WORKSHOPS (AITW). With this knowledge, I consent to my participation in the PROGRAM. I further consent to my participation in choreography assignments and any other activity in connection with this program. I agree that I or anyone I enlist in connection with his program will not institute any legal action or assert any claim against AIT for any injury or damage experienced during the PROGRAM. I am in full understanding of, and will comply with policies as set forth by AIT Directors. All students are expected to conform to the PROGRAM’S policies, and conduct themselves in a disciplined, responsible and courteous manner at all times. I understand that AIT teachers reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose attitude, attendance or conduct is found to be unsatisfactory. I understand that while in the AIT tm WORKSHOPS, photographs or videotape of my image may occur. I hereby consent to my image and name being used by AIT and(presenters) for commerce, business, educational and/or entertainment purposes, without limitation. I also agree never to conduct educational programs i.e. classes, seminars, webinars, workshops etc. based on the concepts of AIT without express written permission of founder, Jodi Porter.
The cost is $40 for the seminar. You must pay for your registration through PayPal OR in person at the event. If you choose to pay via PayPal - please send to by September 18, 2019. *
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