QUESTIONNAIRE FOR VET TEACHERS & TRAINERS. EMOR- Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Vet-Learners with "Red Book"
Please number the following from 1 to 5 according to their importance:
1 is the lowest score and 5 is the highest score. Please use tick.
A. Job Survey/Analysis of Business Market
1.Teachers/trainers have a good communication with business market and employers.
2.Teachers/trainers always collaborate with the school board and their colleagues to find solutions.
3.They do researches and investigations to see the needs of the business market.
4.They know the needs of the labor force.
5. There is a lack of communication between employers and employees.
B. The needs of Vet Curriculum
1.There is a lack of communication between vet curriculum and business market.
2.The curriculum limits requieres that learners and teachers get necessary qualifications in their professions in relation to the business market.
3.Teachers/trainers can easily share the problems about vet curriculum with the school board.
4.The curriculum design limits the connection between formal education and the business market.
5.The curriculum allows vet learners to do their apprenticeship in private and public bodies adequately.
C. The needs of Vet Learners
1.The teachers/trainers inform vet learners in their first year in vet education.
2.The students do not have enough knowledge about vet programs and professions.
3.The teachers use surveys and academic documents to identify the needs of vet learners.
4.The teachers use materials to identify the needs of vet learners during their formal education.
5.The vet learners have enough materials to complete practical courses.
D. Career Planning
1.The school counselling service works effectively to guide vet learners and to do career planning.
2. The school counsellors use academic tests to identify vet learners’ skills and features.
3.The vet teachers work with counselling service collaboratively to assign vet learners onto appropriate professions.
4.The teachers actively take part in planning their vet learners’ career.
5.Vet teachers/trainers can use quite easily use counselling services with collaboration of colleagues and the school counsellor.
E. Trainings for vet learners/teachers/trainers
1.Vet teachers and trainers have a sufficient number of in-service trainings during the year organized by Ministry of National Education and Provincial Directorate for National Education.
2.Vet teachers participate in special courses in the field of their professions. (for example, welders can do a laser welding course.)
3.The school board organizes courses for vet learners and teachers. (for example; IT courses, AUTOCAD, etc.)
4.Vet teachers & trainers take part in EU projects.
5.Vet teachers & trainers adapt the modern techniques and innovations to their fields.
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