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TAC Survey
As CMS begins their transition into a 6-8 grade school, there will be many changes. We would love your input into how we can work together to make this transition attainable for Creighton's students, staff, families, and community members.
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1. Creighton currently offers PE, Art, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Drama, Spanish, Information Technology, Tech Ed, and FACS elective classes. What elective(s) would you or your student like to see added to Creighton's schedule? *
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2. As more 6th graders come to Creighton, that also means more traffic in the parking lot during drop off and pickup times. What ideas or suggestions do you have to make the parking lots a little less hectic? *
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3. Lakewood Articulation 5th and 6th graders will have the opportunity to visit CMS. What would your student like to experience on this tour? What would your student like to see when they visit CMS? *
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4. What is the best way to keep you informed on what's happening at Creighton Middle School? *
5. How often should Creighton report grades? *
6. Homeroom/Enrichment classes currently occur daily and may consist of study halls, counseling lessons, Restorative Practice lessons, healthy schools activities, etc. How often should homeroom/enrichment classes occur and why? *
Why? Explain your answer.
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7. What kind of schedule should Creighton employ? *
7a. If you chose period scheduling above, which would be better?
7b. If you chose block scheduling above, which would be better?
If you answered modified block schedule, please comment on how this ideally would be scheduled.
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8. Creighton currently utilizes colors to identify Grade-Level Teams (red and blue for 7th grade, green and orange for 8th grade, and purple for GT students). With the addition of 6th grade, how should Creighton identify these teams? *
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9. We are VERY excited to be welcoming 6th graders to CMS! What are some ways that we can celebrate this with our students, staff, and community? What new traditions should we begin? *
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10. Are there any other questions or concerns you would like our TAC committee to address in our next meetings?
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Thank you for your responses!
We look forward to working with you on Creighton's TAC committee.
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