Participant Registration form for Paris Study Visit 2-6 July 2019 - Social Inclusion - Europe Goes Local
Use this form to register for the Paris Study Visit (2-6 July 2019). We are asking participants to attend in pairs - (youth worker + young leader). You should complete one form each. You will both need to give answers to the questions, so will probably need to check some of the answers together.

Participants are coming from municipalities across Europe to share practice on youth work approaches related to social inclusion. There will be structured visits to different examples in Paris, and a chance to reflect and share in an international group. The aim is to support participants to improve social inclusion in their own European cities through youth work.

The Study visit is set up to allow interaction, learning, sharing, questions, and space for reflection.

There will be two parallel programmes delivered, one for the youth workers, and one for the young leaders (age 18-25).
All participants will have the chance to understand the current context and strategy of youth work in Paris, as the capital city and an independent region of France. Encouragement will be given for the practice and learning from the two parallel programmes of the week to be channelled into a joint shared Social Inclusion Plan for the cities across Europe.

For the parallel programmes:

1) The youth worker programme aims to deepen understanding about youth work approach. Youth workers from different European cities will be inspired by the Parisian inputs to share the way they work with social inclusion in their municipality. They will visit different provision and localities in the city, and have a chance to debate the main themes of the Study Visit between them (Culture/arts, Poverty, Mental Health and Well-Being etc).

2) Young leaders will have a facilitated programme that will encourage their connection together as a group, to share and learn from each other, to visit different areas of Paris and understand the youth culture there, and to use the activities of the week as a springboard for their input into the Social Inclusion Plan to take back to their own municipality. The main themes for this group include: Gender discrimination, participation, citizenship, gang/territorial culture, poverty.

The aim is for the learning from the two parallel processes together to be channelled into a Social Inclusion Action Plan back in their own municipalities on return home.

We have had interest from youth workers and young leaders coming from Belgium-Flanders, Belgium-Wallonia, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia. There will be between 21 - 26 participants in total.

What is Europe Goes Local?

This is an international project funded through the Erasmus+ Programme. The core aim of the project is to raise the quality of local youth work in particular through enhanced cooperation between various stakeholders that are active at the municipal level. The
Partnership currently involves about 200 members who represent around 120 municipalities from 22 participating countries.

The Partnership also intends to have a multiplying effect by connecting to various activities of the partners and spreading project results to a wide range of stakeholders. This Strategic Partnership is a platform for multi-level initiatives. Large-scale events, mapping exercises and network-wide actions are coordinated at the European level while National Agencies develop national plans to respond to the needs of their partners and create different types of learning opportunities with a transnational dimension.

This Study Visit, as part of Europe Goes Local, will be a transnational peer-learning activities responding to stakeholder needs in the participating countries and will contribute to the development of a knowledge-base in relation to municipal level youth work on the topic of Social Inclusion.

02.07.19 ARRIVAL day (by 16h00 for the first meeting that starts at 17h00).
06.07.19 Departure day (from 16h00 onwards).

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Personal Details - the tandem pair of participants
Tell us about you: where you are from, and who you are? These details will be used for the participant list to share between us all. We will only use these details for the management of the project, and they will not be passed to any third parties.
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This is in case you have an accident during the Visit. Please give Name, Family Name, mobile phone (include country code), email, languages they speak, and what is their role relation to you (partner, parent, neighbour etc).
Your travel details
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Your arrival travel details
The programme starts at 17h00 on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 in Paris. Please give us the mode of transport, your arrival point in Paris (which airport/train station) and what time you expect to get to the Maison des Voluntaires (. Please note: Accommodation and food are covered from dinner on Tues 2nd July to lunch on Saturday 6th July as part of the project. If you arrive earlier/stay longer than the Study Visit times, you are responsible for your own costs (accommodation/food etc).
Motivation and why you want to come
Tell us more about yourself
What is your motivation to participate in the project?
Why do you want to come? What do you hope to get out of it?
Have you taken part in any international youth work project before (Study Visit, Training Course, Youth Exchange etc)?
What do you plan to do afterwards with the learning and Social Inclusion Plan from the Study Visit?
Do you have any questions about the Study Visit?
Anything you would like to add?
Agreements *
I agree that the information in this application is correct and sincere and that I will inform the organiser of any change in my application/participation immediately
I know that I am responsible for my own travel documents and health insurance, and that by providing the above information on special needs does remove my responsibility for my own health and safety
If I do not participate in the full duration of the Study Visit, then I will forfeit my travel reimbursement from my National Agency
By ticking 'yes', you transfer all rights to your image as reproduced in the photographs taken at the Study Visit “Europe Goes Local - Strasbourg Study Visit”, Sept 27 to Oct 1st 2018, Strasbourg, France, to the Agence du Service Civique - Agence Erasmus+ Jeunesse & Sports. You authorise  the Agence du Service Civique - Agence Erasmus+ Jeunesse & Sports to fix, reproduce, communicate and modify by any technical means these photographs. The photographs may be reproduced in part or in full, on any format (paper, digital, magnetic, cloth, plastic, etc.) and incorporated in any other material (photograph, drawing, illustration, painting, video, animated work, etc.) currently known or yet to be invented. You accept to grant to the Agence du Service Civique - Agence Erasmus+ Jeunesse & Sports and a royalty-free, non-exclusive, indefinite license to use the image in any media or social media worldwide.
We will be in contact before the second week of June with more information.
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