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Participate in Google User Experience Research
Google is looking for educators to help shape the future of Google’s education products!

What is it?
--User research studies help us improve Google's education products with feedback directly from our users - that's you!
--Studies can involve a variety of activities. We may show you an existing product or a new feature, or we may interview you about your educational practices.
--You don't have to be a Google product user or a tech aficionado to sign up.

How does it work?
--As new studies are launched, we'll contact you with a questionnaire to assess your eligibility. If you are a good match for the study, we will invite you to participate.
--Study sessions can happen at a Google office or remotely via your computer or mobile device. Typically, we do 1-hour interviews that we conduct remotely via computer.

Our thank you
- If you are eligible, you will receive an incentive, such as a gift card, as a token of our appreciation. We will require documentation from your employer that you are allowed to receive this incentive.

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Thank you!
Google Education User Experience Research Team

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