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Educator Stress Survey
Stress is part of everyday life and can be beneficial. But high levels over a long period can have serious health and mental health consequences.

The following 8 questions are designed to help you spot symptoms of stress, the first step in deciding how well you are coping with the pressure. Survey questions are from Rob Plevin's "Needs-Focused Teaching. "

Your responses are anonymous.
Educator Stress Survey
As you read and respond to each question, on a separate piece of paper, add up your points for each response. You will be asked your point total at the end of the survey.
Stress can make some people act out of character, such as becoming overly irritable or losing their sense of humor. How often do you find yourself being irritable with friends, family and other people? *
Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Along with insomnia, people experiencing stress often feel constantly tired. *
Do you ever feel like you are unable to control the important events in your life? Stress can lead people to feel a lack of control, feeling unable to cope with situations they are confronted with. *
Do you ever feel sick without being unwell? Stress can often cause people to feel nauseous, experience undiagnosed pain, have general aches. *
Stress can make people feel withdrawn and isolated. How often do you feel uninterested in the things going on around you? *
How often do you crave food or miss meals?Irregular eating patterns, including loss of appetite and craving food when under pressure, can be symptoms of stress. *
How often do you feel unable to make decisions? Stress can cause people to feel overwhelmed and unable to make even basic decisions. *
A lack of concentration and an inability to finish a task before rushing on to another can be signs of stress. How often are you distracted before finishing tasks? *
Survey Response. Add the total points from the 8 questions; indicate which category your stress level falls into. *
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