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Lunch Order Week of Feb 25- Mar 1 2019
Full price lunch is $5.00 per day and will be billed retroactively. Reduced lunch meals are $2.50.

Students will pick up the meals from the respective restaurant, except Portland Pie and Subway.

Lunch orders are due by midnight Wednesday night. Please fill this form out ON A COMPUTER; submitting it via cell phone is not reliable. Please get your orders in on time.

Contact the front office at (207) 699-5500 x 105 with questions..

KAMASOUPTRA ORDERS: Please see Donna in the Front Office at the beginning of the week to pick up your cards.


1. Choose one of the four options listed
2. Fill out text box below the given day with the type of pizza slice and salad choices. PLEASE NOTE: If you order just pizza you will receive 2 slices of pizza, If your salad and pizza, you will received 1 slice of pizza n 1/2 salad of your choice.. -If you choose a full salad this is all you will receive. YOU MUST SPECIFY WHICH PIZZA SLICES AND WHICH SALAD YOU WOULD LIKE, Portland Pie no longer supplies drinks due to the cost of delivery.

Portland Pie Pizza Options:
-Veggie (Green pepper & Onion)

Portland Pie Salad Options:
-Garden Salad
-Caesar Salad

How to order Subway:
1. Fill out text box below the given day with the type of white or wheat bread and vegetables you would like on your subway sandwich. If you do not specify you will end up with only what you order. If you want vegetables please specify. Please note if you do not want cheese to specify.
2. Select your drink option (If you don't select your drink, your option at pick up will be either water or milk)

-Black Forest Ham
-Veggie Delight
-Turkey Breast
-Roast Beef

Slab Options
-Cheese Pizza
-Fruit of the season
-Bottled Water

Sichuan Kitchen
-Noodles- Spicy-Sichuan noodle with minced pork (NOT OPEN WEDNESDAY)
-Egg Fried Rice-Sichuan style fried derives its golden color from scrambled eggs and scallions give it a zing
-Five Spices Stewed Pork Over Rice-Tender stewed pork with herbs and spices on a rice bowl.
-6 Zhong Dumplings-House made veggie Dumplings served in an Aromatic chili sauce and garlic

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