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Fall Junior Credit Check Process
1. Login to Infinite Campus
2. Click on Academic Progress on the left hand side bar

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What are the specific courses or credit types that you will need to register for your Senior year to meet minimum graduation requirements (hint: the credit types that are pink and not in your Junior year schedule.)
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Twenty-four credits are needed for SSHS graduation. How many credits will you have at the end of your junior year if you pass all of your classes and make no further schedule changes?
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What is your post-secondary goal?
What is your career goal or what jobs are you interested in?
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Are you planning to be a NCAA Athlete?
Have you registered for the NCAA Eligibility Center?
Are you submitting for a Diploma with Emphasis?
If you are planning to submit for a Diploma with Emphasis have you met with a staff member of that department to review requirements and ensure you are on track?
Interest in CEO?
Are you interested in taking CMC courses next school year?
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