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MediNews Reporter Application Form - 14th Annual Session
Members will work with their managers to carry out the work of the committee.
Members will be selected based on their application.

Note: An applicant cannot be both a member of an organising committee and a delegate. All applicants need to be students of The English School.

If you have any queries please contact the Deputy-Secretary General, Evangelia Charalambous (99723192) or the Senior Director, Mr Jim Lodge (22799373).

The deadline is on Monday, 29th October 2018.

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The Role of MediNews
MediNews offers a unique perspective to all the intricate pieces that make up MEDIMUN: the assemblies, the conferences, the debates, the disputes, the friendships. In charge of producing printed issues, e-issues and newsletters of the official MEDIMUN Magazine, MediNews includes editors, reporters and layout designers. The first printed issue will be distributed at the workshop, the second and third on the first and last conference day. Shorter e-issues will be made and published online before and after the conference.
Previous Experience *
Please list any previous experience (not necessarily MEDIMUN experience) which could prove useful in the committees you are interested in. Experience as a team-member, leader or an organiser is also relevant, as well as activities both within and beyond school. Please be concise. You may use bullet-points.
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