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Character Signout and Between Events Form
This is kind of a long form, and you CANNOT go back at any part without losing EVERYTHING you wrote, so be 100% sure you are ready to go forward when you click "Continue."

This form is broken into several parts:
1. Information we will use to identify and contact you
2. What you did during the event
3. What you are doing between events (Please be aware that you can only choose to do ONE type of action between events for the signout of the event that you attended. Also, no payment or late signout = no signout = no actions)
4. Feedback we will use in an attempt to improve the various aspects of the game

Parts of this form may change, potentially based on your feedback, to better accommodate the needs of both players and staff, and ease the facilitation of story elements. It is our goal to enhance the depth of each player's experience, game continuity, collaborative storytelling, and efficient logistics.

Please also note that the staff has many players who each expect and deserve (at times) a certain level of attention, and we have limited time to give each person. While we will attempt to respond to every person, if we miss someone or something, then please don't take it personally. If you feel we missed something, let us know... and remember to be polite and respectful while doing so.

Also - sometimes bad things happen to good people. We are striving to tell as engaging stories as we can, and we understand that many people play Kanar as a hobby and are looking to escape the troubles of real life. The deeper you delve into our setting, the more "real" we want it to feel, and that means that things will not always go your way. There is a fine balance we try to maintain, not just for you, but for all players (past, present, and future), and the decisions we make are never intended to be personal. We want to make the game as enjoyable as we can, for as many people as we can, for years to come.

Without further ado, let's continue.
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