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STARsurg IMAGINE Application Form Deadline Extended: 14th November 5 pm!! (Kings Mill Hospital only)
We are looking for collaborators at Kings Mill Hospital for either of the first two study periods.

What is STARsurg?
The Student Audit and Research in Surgery (STARSurg) collaborative is a national, student-led audit and research network. It empowers students to participate in high quality academic projects, forming links with supervising junior doctors and consultants.
Through this, students contribute data to national studies while gaining an understanding of clinical academia, audit and research methodology, and ethical considerations.
All collaborators of STARsurg projects will receive a PubMed-citable co-authorship. Previous STARsurg projects have been published in the British Journal of Surgery.

This year’s project IMAGINE: Ileus MAnaGement INtErnational: An international, observational study of postoperative ileus and provision of management after colorectal surgery is STARsurg’s most ambitious project yet.

This is a prospective study where collaborators will follow-up patients who have undergone colorectal resections on the colorectal wards. Patients will be followed up daily (including weekends) till their discharge.

Data collection will run in mini teams consisting of 2 medical students and 1 junior doctor at the QMC, Royal Derby Hospital and Kings Mill Hospital.

Applications for collaborators at the QMC and Royal Derby hospital have now closed.
However places are still available for Kings Mill.

There will be 3 data collection periods, each lasting 2 weeks. You can collect data for one or more of the data collection periods, depending on your availability. You will also need to do a follow up of these patients 30 days after data collection stops.

The role of hospital lead for for Kings Mill Hospital is also available, hospital leads will recieve special recognition on the final publication.

Please do not apply if you are unavailable during these dates.

• Study period 1: 22 Jan 2018 – 5 Feb 2018
• Study period 2: 12 Feb 2018 – 26 Feb 2018

The benefits of collaborating:
• PubMed- citable co-authorship
• Experience collaborating in a national audit
• Opportunities to present results at local audit meetings and conferences.
• Looks good on the CV

You don’t need to have collaborated on a previous STARsurg project to apply!

Please email if you have any questions.

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Do you want to be a hospital lead for Kings Mill Hospital?
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Your answer will be judged on the following criteria: your participation in OAKS/ OAKS2, your audit and research experience, evidence of leadership and management, and understanding of STARSurg and the collaborative research model. If you selected yes to the question above, please specify why you are suitable to be a hospital lead.
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