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Benefits To Have Synthetic Turf In Your Backyard

Have you ever come across the concept of backyard putting green? What is it? It is nothing, but a synthetic area of grass that can be called as artificial grass that are custom made as per your requirement. They provide the best surface for playing golf and will give the similar appearance as a real golf course. So, with the installation of an artificial turf, you can just play golf in your own backyard and can invite your friends too for playing, such that all of you can save money on golf club membership.

The synthetic turf is much cheaper to install as against creating an original lawn. Also, the installation and maintenance tasks of artificial turf are also easier to handle. In addition, it can bring the following other benefits as well:

Add value to your property: Artificial grass can be stated as an environmentally friendly addition to your property and it can bring about a substantial increase in the value of your house. You can stay clear of activities like watering and mowing and you need not have to spend on purchasing devices to carry out these tasks.

Pet friendly: When there is a pet in your home, she will be risk-free from tiny insects that stay in original grass. If you are particularly about, pet friendly artificial grass, you can enquire about the same to the companies dealing with this item in different models and sizes.

Ideal for different places: The great thing about synthetic grass is that they can be installed, not only in your home, but can be the ideal choice for different places like your office landscape and a huge land that you want to turn into a golf course to spend some valuable time along with your family and friends. When you get a pet friendly artificial grass installed, you can take you pet to the outing during weekends, even when the land is located right at the backyard of your home.
All you have to do is to choose a professional company dealing with synthetic turf with different grass heights, so that you can choose from the wide selections available. They should be in a position to meet both your home and commercial requirements in an effective manner. This will be helpful for you to get both these services from the same service provider, rather than searching for different service providers for these installations.
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Make the Most of the Long Term Benefits of Artificial Turf
Green turf is also commonly used in sporting grounds for various games like hockey. Maintaining the greens in sports utilities requires a lot of time and effort. As of result of all these factors, most people turn to artificial turf in homes and sports grounds as it is relatively maintenance free.

Artificial turf caught up the fancy of both business and residential property owners for the first time during the late 1960s. Many community parks and sport clubs started using artificial grass as it looks and feels just like natural grass. On the best sides, it is maintenance free and has a long life span unlike natural grass, which needs constant grooming.

Artificial turf is durable and is easy to pave. Though it can be costly it ensures the best value for your money as it is long lasting and maintenance free and can even endure animal tear. It is well suited for high traffic areas and foot prints unlike natural grass. Birds, squirrels or rodents will not invade the artificial grassy patch too. Artificial lawn is maintenance free and environment friendly as there is no need for constant mowing, watering or wedding activities, which will help you save a lot of money and efforts. The artificial grass material is available in various types including polyamide, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Choose any reliable Artificial grass suppliers to get the best deals and products.

Artificial turf has also become a permanent fixture in many hockey fields. It has made the game faster and much more exciting as it enables the players to make swift passes and accurate ball control. Even after years of fast shots and short stick moves, the grass retains its quality nicely. The cushioning effect of the artificial turf has reduced the number of injuries to the players on the field too. The best part is that artificial turf ensures uniform playing conditions and optimal grip for the players unlike the natural grass fields where the ball behaves unpredictably and the player will have to tackle the sharp rises or slow rolls of the balls making the game more strenuous and slow at times.

Many sports clubs are using artificial grass for hockey as these can endure extreme heat and will not become muddy when soaked and look appealing all-round the year. Artificial grass on hockey fields are well suited for tough activities including ball rolling and foot sliding and offers shock absorption. Made from special fibers, these artificial patches of green are designed to last long and perform the best.
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Synthetic Turf Installation

Installing synthetic turf might sound easy, but there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. You may think that installing synthetic turf is just throwing a slab of artificial grass on the top of natural grass, and you are good to go. If it were that easy, you would see every lawn outside your house looking all the same, green and luscious. It is easier said than done, and it usually takes only one day to complete depending on how much area you are trying to cover. The installation requires at least two people to get the job done, but the more the better. You will also need the necessary tools and equipment to handle the job. Just like anything else, you have to measure out the area first and prep it before installing the artificial grass.

The first thing to installing synthetic grass is to measure out the area, and set the boundaries of where you want your synthetic grass to be. The next thing is to remove existing grass or ground from the area, using a lawn mower or digging. Now you want the area to be flat and even by using a flattening tool or roller. The reason why you are trying to make the surface as even and flat as possible is because once you lay the synthetic grass down, you don't want uneven surfaces when you walk or run on it.

After you have finished flattening and evening up the surface, you are now ready to set the first layer of foundation for your synthetic turf. That first layer will consists of covering the dirt with decomposed rocks. At least one inch of rocks all around the area to create a concrete feel, because dirt itself won't remain even. You have to lay that first foundation for extra measures. Once you are done with that process, you are now ready to lay down the artificial grass.
The artificial grass is installed just like installing carpet in your home. Lay the layers of synthetic turf evenly next to each other until you cover the whole area. You have to leave a little extra turf on the outside areas so they are tucked in for perfect and strong fitting, leaving no gaps.

Now that the hard part is over with, you evenly distribute the infill into the synthetic grass. This will make sure the blades of the synthetic turf stand upright. This also gives the artificial grass cushion and comfort that acts if it were natural grass. Now the last question remains. How to maintain your new everlasting synthetic turf? Well the first thing is you barely have to maintain it. No more watering or mowing. With pets, not a problem, even with pet waste, it is easily removable without any signs of yellowing or residue. Like carpet just clean with a disinfectant, or one a turf company provides. Worried about it being worn out? It won't happen because synthetic grass is extremely durable.
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