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Everything But the Horse (EBTH) Rally Individual Registration Form - 2.16.19
If you are a Pony Club Curious Non Member Participant and I would like to be on a team, Please list a club or friend's name you prefer to be on a Team with below.
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Competitor Information
Competitor First & Last Name *
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Club/Center *
Youth or Horsemaster? *
Horse Management (HM) Certificate Level *
Flat Certificate Level *
Jump Certificate Level *
Email address *
Where you and/or your parent will be able to get emails about this activity
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2nd Email address
Second email address you wish to have Event information shared with (must be different than Email address listed above)
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Phone Number *
Where you and/or your parent will be reachable before this activity--could be parent's phone, please list multiple numbers as appropriate or necessary
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Competitor's Age *
as of January 1st of 2019 (Horsemaster's write - Adult)
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Competing as: *
Team Members *
Please list your team members, or type "scramble" if you have no team
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Team Name *
Please list your team name
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Saturday Lunch
Lunch is NOT included in your Rally Fees. Lunch is available for pre-purchase for $7.00 per person. A very limited amount of lunches will be available for day of Rally for $8.00 per person. Lunch includes an entree, sides & beverage. Snacks & beverages are available for purchase through Racine County Pony Club at Rally.
Number of Pre-Pay Lunches
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I understand that if I have any dietary restrictions or special diet needs that I will provide my own lunch for Rally; as food requests are unavailable this year. *
Terms of Agreement
I understand: *
That my paperwork is not considered complete until my District Commissioner or Center Administrator submits my club paperwork along with payment for my rally fees and my individual forms
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