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BA-CON 2018 Staff Application
All positions are volunteer and require varying levels of time commitment. BA-CON is definitely a passion project and can be very rewarding both professionally and personally. Please consider applying for multiple positions if you want to increase your chances of on boarding.
We are looking to fill all positions within 30 days. You will be contacted shortly after you submit your application.

Open Positions:

Stage Manager:
- The Stage Manager works with the Director of Programming to manage all stage activity with the help of volunteers. The Stage Manager will make sure all of the tech is working, will direct the cosplay contest, and aid in any other main stage events.

LARP Coordinator:
- The LARP Coordinator is responsible for all LARP specific events at the convention. The LARP Coordinator works with the Director of Programming to develop the itinerary. The LC will use the -------LARP game to drive traffic to various con events. The LC will communicate rules to staff and volunteers at volunteer training.

Stage Hand:
- The Stage Hand will assist the Stage Manager at main events. The Stage Hand will attend programming meetings as required.

Guest Handlers:
-The Guest Handler will work directly with the Director of Programming to guide special guests throughout the convention. This does require someone over the age of 18 with a valid drivers license.

Artist & Vendor Coordinator:
- The Artist and Vendor Coordinator manages the on boarding process for artists and vendors, creates a process for vendors to be able to use the event space for sales, organizes the space, and makes sure artists and vendors are happy to work with us.
The Arist and Vendor Coordinator works with the Director of Operations to creating a functional space for the Artist Alley, aids in the Artist Check-in process and strategically places all of the artists so that all of their needs are met. The AVC will facilitate the portfolio check process.

Security Coordinator:
- The Security Coordinator creates protocols for the peace bonding table, enforces BA-CON rules & policies, and acts as first response to security concerns.

Sponsorship & Partner Coordinator:
- The Sponsorship and Partner Coordinator communicates with outside organizations for the purposes of gaining sponsorships.
The Sponsorship and Partner Coordinator develops and markets a sponsor package that is appealing to local businesses. The SPC attends all publicity and operations meetings.

- The Emmissary visits other events around the state to advertise our event.

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