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NN speaker's feedback 2018
We'd love to know what we do well & what we could improve at, so please help us by filling out the form
How much did the nerd night team help? 5 = as expected, 10 highest *
If this was your first nerd night, how do you feel about presenting in general now compared to before? *
If you've done NN before answer 0 please!
Same as before
Way more confident
How many minutes roughly did you spend on the “presenters” page of the website (and other web pages) with speaker resources? *
How useful were the speaker resources on the website? *
Not at all
How many hours roughly did you spend preparing your presentation? *
How likely are you to do another Nerd night?
Note you're not committing to anything here haha!
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Can we contact you in future to present if we are running short of speakers? (10 definitely yes)
If you say yes, please leave your email. Again you are not committing to anything, we'd maybe contact you with 1+ weeks' notice if we don't have enough sign ups and would ask if you are keen, and you can of course say no!
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How often do you present in general?
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Email (optional)
Any future speaker friends?
Have you got any friends you think one day could be a great speaker? Maybe they've expressed interest or you want to nominate them behind their backs! If yes provide us with a name and or email/number!
Any general comments? Is there anything we could have done better? Anything you found confusing?
Did you attend Nerd Lab? *
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