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Application Requirements:
- Deadline for grants for 2019-2020 school year must be received no later than June 14, 2019.

- All employees of the Cheltenham School District can apply for Innovative Educator Grants.

- Identifying information should only appear in the designated fields of the application.
- Do not include your name or the name of your school in the description of your project.
- You may be contacted for additional information.

- Grant proposals to the Foundation are evaluated on varied criteria, including:
- Impact on the curriculum
- Alignment with the Strategic Plan
- Effects on students, staff and school
- Quality of planning
- Financial soundness

Grants are determined by a blind proposal review by members of the Foundation's Grant Review Committee.
Proposals are evaluated on their unique approaches to learning and pedagogy not included in a public school budget.

- Enhancement or enrichment of the current curriculum
- Innovative
- Potential benefits for a wide range of students
- Possible impact on other staff members, the school and/or Cheltenham communities
- Measurable educational benefits
- Financial soundness
- Support from the principal in the school where the project will be based
- Quality of the planning exhibited in the proposal’s narrative: its organization, specificity in program description, cost estimates, and the relationship of method to objectives
- The maximum award from the Foundation will be $1500.
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Please fill out the below proposal including a statement describing the objectives, methods, and expected student outcomes of the project. The proposals will be evaluated based upon their impact on the curriculum; their effect on student, staff and school; quality of planning; and financial soundness.
1. Title of Proposal: *
2. Project Overview *
Please describe the educational project and the need your proposal addresses. 250-300 words max.
Grade Level(s) of students to be served:
Approximate number of students that will be served:
Anticipated Project Start and End Dates
Has this grant been previously funded?
4. Strategic Plan Alignment *
Which pathway(s) does this project support:
5. Objectives *
Short description of the goal(s) you aim to achieve.
6. Methods *
Provide an overview of the way you plan to accomplish your goal(s). Include innovative/creative teaching approaches and techniques that will be used.
7. Expected Learning Outcomes *
Learning experiences of the students and what mechanism or evaluation tools will you use to determine that the proposed objectives have been met.
8.Timeline *
A brief timeline of how long you anticipate it would take to implement your proposal.
Please note that funds cannot be used for transportation or food.
1. Proposed Budget Amount *
The grant request should not exceed $1,500. Please provide a detailed/itemized list of the expenses.
2. Partial Funding *
Will this project still go forward if partially funded? Please explain the minimal funding that this project will require and the extend of implementation with partial funding.
Grant applications MUST be reviewed by your building principal for approval before submission.Checking this box confirms you have completed the approval process.
Principal Has Approved *
1.) All materials acquired through Foundation grant process become the property of the Cheltenham School District Foundation.

2.) Grant recipients will be expected to provide the Foundation with a written report about their project and other appropriate documentation of outcomes.
- Recipients must provide a mid-year summary in by January 17, 2020.
- Final Summary Report submitted by May 15, 2020.
- Both summaries must include photographs,videos, and/or student testimonials to accompany the written text.

3.) Grant recipients may be asked to share their project and its results with outside audiences including press, district leaders, and township officials.

4.) All equipment and/or program materials purchased as part of the project funded by the grant will remain the property of the Cheltenham School District.

Timeline for Grant Recipients:
1. Submission of grant proposal by Friday, June 14, 2019
2. Grant awarded August 2019
3.All funds must be spent by May 8, 2020

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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